Vivo V15 Pro Full Review

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review

vivo NEX S changed the selfie game with his telescoping camera and this year the flagship tech has migrated to the mid-range v15 pro, along with some other cutting-edge features, we are and this is our Vivo V15 Pro Review .

the Vivo V15 Pro is definitely a nice looking device, though its construction is a bit of a mystery, the curved back looks like glass, but it doesn’t quite feel like it, so it’s probably some sort of plastic .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review1

our topaz blue model is quite stunning, it’s a smooth gradient color scheme, with a subtle striped pattern beneath the surface, there is quite a large camera bump though, which may not be to everyone’s tastes, especially if you like using the phone on a table or desk .

thankfully there’s a hefty plastic case included in the box to solve that problem, without the case the phone feels razor thin thanks to the tapered sides, it seems sturdy, but the display is covered by normal glass not Gorilla Glass, so it may be more prone to scratches, too bad .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review2

the display is one of the main attractions of the Vivo V15 Pro, it’s a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED with a tall aspect ratio and is nearly bezels there’s no notch cut out or even a selfie camera in Inside . Read More : vivo NEX Dual Display

thanks to the telescoping mechanism, the selfie cam stays hidden in the body until you need to use it, and when you do it appears quite quickly, faster than the one on the vivo NEX S .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review3

just keep in mind that as with all mechanisms with moving parts there’s a greater chance for it to break or just to get dust or grime stuck inside, needless to say this phone isn’t IP rated .

the screen reaps all the benefits though, is truly edge to edge, at 1080p content looks good, it’s decently sharp with those deep AMOLED blacks, color accuracy isn’t its strong suit but is fine .

maximum brightness is okay too, at 429 nits, sunlight legibility isn’t great but the Vivo V15 pro does fine outdoors in most scenarios . Read More : Top 10 Smartphones 2018

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review4

as an AMOLED you do get the option for an always-on display to show time and notifications, pretty handy, though of course it does use more power .

the Vivo V15 Pro has an under display fingerprint reader for unlocking, is faster than the one on the vivo NEX S, though not quite as fast as the OnePlus 6T, it’s not always on either, if the phone is asleep you have to tap the screen to activate the reader first .

you can also use face unlock with a telescoping camera, it’s surprisingly fast, the camera module is so zippy, that it feels the same as face unlock on other phones .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review5

storage is expandable on the Vivo V15 Pro, on top of the 128 gigs built-in, there are actually two card slots, one on the side dedicated to micro SD and one on the bottom for your dual SIM .

it’s strange that on a phone with so many cutting edge features you still get an old-school micro USB port at the bottom instead of USBC .

but at least you get a headphone jack, sound through headphones is okay but we measured some distortion and only average loudness, there is FM radio though . Read More : Vivo Nex Dual Display Edition Unboxing And Hands-On

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review6

if you switch to the single bottom firing loudspeaker performances again just average, both in loudness and sound quality .

the Vivo V15 Pro runs front touch OS 9 based on android 9 pi, rather than stock android it offers more of an iOS like experience, for instance swiping from the top won’t bring down the quick toggles, but instead just shows you notifications, to get to the quick toggles you need to swipe up from the bottom .

all of the apps are kept on the home screen, no option for an app drawer here, there are a bunch of different home screen transitions to choose from, to spice things up .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review7

and there are plenty of themes available to download from the AI theme store to, you can opt for gesture based navigation to get around, swiping up from the center and holding goes to recent apps, swiping from one of the two sides will take you back depending on which you chose, and swiping up from the other will open the quick toggles, swiping up from the center takes you home .

the vivo v15 pro is one of the first phones with Qualcomm’s new snapdragon 675 chipset and it comes with six or eight gigs of ram, in CPU benchmarks is awesome .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review8

blowing the other mid-range chips out of the water including the Snapdragon 710, it runs cool too, it’s not quite as impressive in GPU scores what’s still great, performing just a little better than the snapdragon 616 .

and since the chipset is power efficient, the Vivo V15 Pro has good battery life too, with this 3700 milliamp hour battery it scored an endurance rating of 92 hours in our proprietary tests .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review9

when it comes to charging we weren’t quite as impressed though, despite the advertised dual engine fast charging it only managed to fill up the battery from 0 to 38% in 30 minutes . Read More : Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Unboxing And Key Features

the Vivo V15 Pro comes with a triple camera setup, alongside the depth sensor and the 8 megapixel ultra wide cams is a 48 megapixel main camera, with an F 1.8 aperture and phase detection autofocus .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review10

as a Quad Bayer sensor it saves images at 12 megapixels by default and though you can opt for 48 megapixels that doesn’t improve quality at all .

in good light 12 megapixel photos from the main camera sharpen detailed with accurate color reproduction nice contrast and good dynamic range .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review11

we did find occasional noise in the sky or near edges of buildings, but nothing much to complain about, turning on the AI mode is only recommended if you think you need some extra colors in your scene, it’s maybe a bit over the top .

the ultra wide camera is a nice option to have in certain situations, but the lack of autofocus lower dynamic range and rather low eight megapixel resolution could potentially run in the photo, we were impressed by the barrel distortion correction at the edges though lines come out mostly straight .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review12

portrait shots have natural colors in good detail, however they leave a lot to be desired as far as edge detection goes, now onto low-light photos, these are actually quite good, noise is limited, highlights and shadows are nice and there’s a decent amount of detail .

there is a night mode you can enable, which results in a brighter exposure and highlight and shadow recovery, but you lose some fine details . Read More : Honor Magic 2 Unboxing And Key Features

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review13

the selfie cam has a 32 megapixel sensor and an F2.0 lens, once again using Tetra pixel bidding technology, selfies are awesome, there’s natural colors, great detail and why dynamic range .

we aren’t fans of the portrait selfies, the HDR doesn’t work in this mode and the edge detection isn’t all that good, video can be recorded in up to 4k at 30fps .

you can expect a good amount of detail, nice contrast and minimal noise, but dynamic range is lacking and there’s no electronic stabilization in 4k .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review14

so let’s wrap things up, the vivo v15 pro brings some standout features that you won’t find in most other mid-range phones, there’s a high performance chipset, a bezels notch less AMOLED screen, a fast under display fingerprint reader, great battery life and a nice camera for photos and selfies .

however it’s not all sunshine, we still have a microUSB port instead of USBC, audio quality when recording really isn’t good, if you love to shoot concerts and maybe this one isn’t for you, and with a similarities to iOS the fun touch UI is a bit strange compared to other Android interfaces .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review15

also there’s availability, the phone is mainly going to be available in India, so if you want to get your hands on it elsewhere you may have to buy an import . Read More : Realme U1 Unboxing And Key Features

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review16

but the biggest thing holding back the Vivo V15 Pro is the price, for 29000 rupees, around 400 bucks, it’s more expensive than a lot of the competition these days .

Vivo V15 Pro Full Review17

but again it does bring a lot of unique high-tech features to the table, so it still earns our recommendation, it’ll definitely be a stronger one once the price does go down .

Update - 2019.03.14

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8 Total Score

the vivo v15 pro brings some standout features that you won't find in most other mid-range phones, there's a high performance chipset, a bezels notch less AMOLED screen, a fast under display fingerprint reader, great battery life and a nice camera for photos and selfies .

Battery Life
Value for Money
  • Powerful and efficient Snapdragon 675.
  • Feature-rich Funtouch OS.
  • Great battery life.
  • Good camera experience (for photos).
  • Rare standout features like pop-up selfie cam and under-display fingerprint scanner.
  • Notch-less full-screen display with a nice Super AMOLED panel.
  • Fairly sturdy build and gorgeous color options.
  • iOS-like UI might not be everyone's cup of tea.
  • Abysmal audio quality when recording videos.
  • Outdated microUSB port.
  • The fast charging isn't really "fast".
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