Vivo NEX S Unboxing And Key Features

Vivo NEX S Unboxing

vivos apex concept phone was a real hit at the MWC earlier this year, flash-forward and the phone base on is called the Vivo NEX S has just arrived, so let’s check it out .

Vivo NEX S Unboxing

the box for a demo unit is quite fancy, as a matte black finish with gold lettering along with a vivo and next logos is a little trophy that says FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 .

take the cover off and we see the phone itself, nice, you can see the back is made of glass with an interesting pattern of triangles underneath the box slides open sideways we have a pair of 3.5 millimeter vivo earbuds . Read More : Vivo V11

a nicer upper case for the back of the phone, some reading materials and a sim key, a USBC charging cable and a 22.5 watt vivo fast charger, it has to be fast he charged up this big 4000 milliamp hour battery in a decent amount of time .

so now that we have the Vivo NEX S in our hands let’s go over its defining features .

Vivo NEX S All Screen Design

first up innovative all screen design, the vivo Nexus has a vessel of glass design with an impressively 91% screen to body ratio, something we’ve never seen before in a smartphone .

the tall 6.5 inch AMOLED display has a 1080p resolution and takes up basically the whole front surface of the phone, there is no notch though, there’s barely even a top bezel and unlike phones that move the selfie cam down to the bottom the chin is tiny too, what makes this possible is the pop-up selfie cam it has inside the body and slides out when you want to snap a selfie .

we wonder how durable this is as movable parts are generally easier to break, but google says that has been well tested and can withstand 100 pounds of force . Read More : vivo V15 Pro

also to minimize the bezel the earpiece is piezo electric, so no need for a speaker grill, instead the sound comes through vibrations from within the phone .

that’s only for calls though, the audio loudspeaker is bottom firing next the USBC port and up at the top is the trusty 3.5 millimeter audio jack for headphones .

also to save space the fingerprint reader says under the display, while the phone is locked this area lights up in the shape of a fingerprint so you know just where to press .

NEX S Flagship Level Performance

next flagship level performance, then Vivo NEX S was on a snapdragon 845 chipset with 8 gigs of ram, it runs great, there’s no stutter in the games I tried everything felt nice and responsive the interface is vivos fun touch OS / Android 8.1 Oreo .

it’s a heavy skin, with quite a few custom apps and features but it still feels smooth not bloated, you won’t run out of space on this phone the base storage is 256 gigs and it is expandable .

vivo NEX S Review15

and the Vivo NEX S cludes vivos own digital assistant named Jovi, which you can activate using a dedicated hardware button since our unit comes from China this is all in Chinese for now . Read More : vivo NEX Dual Display

Vivo NEX S AI Driven Cameras

finally a I driven cameras, the Vivo NEX S has the dual camera setup though the secondary cam is only used for bokeh mode, the main cam is 12 megapixels at f 1.8 and the secondary cam is 5 megapixels .

vivo NEX S Review20

there’s OIS as well as dual pixel autofocus, the camera is also supported by AI which can adjust camera settings based on the scene .

shot that we took during the day not bad and a bouquet sample too, the background is nicely out of focus but the edges around the subject look fuzzy instead of sharp .

OAS should help the quality of low-light photos, we snap some quick shots and it looks pretty decent .

and now on to the 8 megapixel selfie cam it’s not just there to impress your friends, shots look good and the camera also benefits from AI enhancements which include HDR, filters and beautification, and it can do bokeh shots too . Read More : Vivo V15 Pro Full Review

vivo NEX S Review21

so there you have it, the Vivo NEX S is an exciting looking flagship that looks to shake up the world of smartphone design .

our full review is coming soon, if you have any questions you like us to try and answer there leave them down in the comments below we do consider all questions so bring them on .

Update - 2019.04.18

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