Sony Xperia 1 Hands-on Review

Sony Xperia 1 Hands-on Review

Sony took us by surprise last year when they switched up the look of their phones, and now it’s 2019 and they’ve done it yet again, we got our hands on their flagship the Sony Xperia 1 and I’ve never seen a phone quite like this before, let’s take a look .

the Sony Xperia 1 is made from Gorilla Glass 6 with an aluminum frame, unlike the curvy, shiny and rather slippery form factor of last year’s Sony’s, this one reminds me of the straight and boxy designs of years past, still a little slippery though .

Sony Xperia 1 Screen

the Sony Xperia 1 does have its differences, the most notable one being is extra tall and narrow form factor, it all revolves around the new 6.5 inch OLED display with a unique 21:9 aspect ratio .

the bezels and shin are quite small and this is one of the few phones you’ll find these days without a screen cut out for the selfie cam .

the OLED screen has a whopping 4k resolution and supports HDR content, this display is nothing short of stunning, in the Sony Xperia 1 brings plenty of Sony’s proprietary tech to improve the viewing experience .

Sony Xperia 1 review3

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for example it can upscale an optimized content to better take advantage of the panel’s high contrast and color palettes .

you might wonder at the 21:9 aspect ratio, but it’s actually quite common in the realm of cinema, on the Sony Xperia 1 you can watch films in the ultra wide format and there’s actually already quite a bit of support on YouTube and Netflix .

Sony Xperia 1 review4

the tall screen also gives you a lot of space for scrolling, so you can fit a few more posts or headlines onto the page, on top of that if you’re into split-screen multitasking there’s plenty of room for each app, Sony even let you create shortcuts for specific pairs of apps for easy access .

Sony Xperia 1 review5

one-handed use isn’t too bad, it’s made a bit easier with the side sends function which opens up is space for shortcuts if you double tap the edge of the screen .

it’s not all roses of course, not everything is compatible with the ultra wide aspect ratio, so you will end up with black bars from time to time .

Sony Xperia 1 review6

Sony Xperia 1 Hardware

the games I tried didn’t run fullscreen, but sony says more games support will come soon, but even with the bars gaming feels great, with a top-of-the-line Snapdragon 855 chipset in 6 gigs of RAM everything is blazing fast and smooth .

and there will be a game launcher which can organize your titles, as well as providing links to videos about them on YouTube and settings to limit distractions or optimize performance .

Sony Xperia 1 review7

the Sony Xperia 1 strength is a multimedia device continue on the audio front as well, like last year this dolby atmos supports, and a stereo speaker set up with the earpiece acting as a second speaker .

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there is no 3.5 millimeter jack here, you’ll need to use a dongle to plug in your headphones or use wireless ones .

you’ll have plenty of storage for your media with 128 gigs of memory is standard as well as a slot to expand it via microSD .

Sony Xperia 1 review8

the Sony Xperia 1 has a 3330 mAh power battery and battery life should be good, we’ll have to run our tests to find out .

just like last year’s model the Xperia brings ip65 slash ip68 to water and dust resistance, which a lot of people look for in a flagship, but sony has done something a bit different for the fingerprint reader, instead of being rear-mounted it’s on the side here like Sony’s older models .

Sony Xperia 1 review9

unlike those readers though this one doesn’t act as a power button, you’ll find that below the reader and it’s actually quite tiny .

another new feature on the Sony Xperia 1 is the triple camera setup, there’s a wide-angle, telephoto and an ultra wide-angle cam all at 12 megapixels .

there are quite a few new features on the Sony Xperia 1 that should make for a much better camera experience, including optical image stabilisation and eye autofocus, which can lock on to a specific subject size .

Sony Xperia 1 Hands-on Review 1

continuous burst shooting with auto focus and exposure for each shot and raw noise reduction are also quite intriguing and you can record 4k HDR video at 21:9 .

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Sony Xperia 1 Hands-on Review 2

there are plenty of recording and editing options available to the cinema pro feature, we’ll have a lot more to say about the cameras in our full review .

so there you have it guys, the Sony Xperia 1 seems really different from last year’s Sony phone, so really anything I’ve seen before .

forget those tiny incremental upgrades, Sony looks like it’s making a big leap here, but what do you guys think of that ultra wide form factor .

let us know down in the comments below as well as any questions you might have we’ll try to answer them in our full review see you .

Update - 2019.02.25

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