Samsung Galaxy S9 Long-Term Review

Samsung Galaxy S9

three months ago I jumped on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and I’ve been using it as a daily driver ever since, how did it fare, I’m Angie for jism arena and this is my Samsung Galaxy S9 Long Term Review .

so before I start let me be clear about something, this review will be entirely based on my usage habits, so it will be subjective and your mileage may vary, so that out of the way let’s begin .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review17

Samsung Galaxy S8 on the left, Samsung Galaxy S9 on the right

to start off I have to admit this phone is gorgeous, even after a few months of use I still find it very attractive to look at, technically its designs almost a year and a half old, but it’s still one of the prettiest glass labs around .

however it’s a slippery as it is pretty and if you use it while you’re lying on your side it’ll slide from your hand and keep falling over, by the way I use the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for three weeks before I switch to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and I found the smaller form factor way more comfortable .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review16

it’s more convenient for day-to-day use and the smaller size means it’s less likely to slip out of my hands or my pockets, that said neither inspire confidence that then survive a drop on a hard surface and I highly recommend getting a protective case .

if you want to be even more cautious and avoid the inevitable micro scratches you should get a tempered glass protector, however finding one that is durable doesn’t jump off the screen doesn’t impede touch controls and takes the edges into account is an adventurer all its own .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review15

at least the IP68 rated protection allows for peace of mind around water and I refused to use a phone without it again, something I could live without is the Bixby button, if you keep it pressed for too long even after deactivating it Bixby will still drop in and say hi .

the fingerprint reader isn’t the fastest but I’ve had no problems with it and it’s more reliable than using the face and iris unlock options, palm rejection works fine most of the time but it’s not perfect and on some occasions I do miss having a screen with a flat display .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review14

the screen is amazing but I usually turn out the QHD mode in order to save on battery, honestly after the first minute I stopped seeing any difference and when watching Netflix I can easily bump up the resolution .

more importantly the colors are vibrant and the auto brightness works really well so things always look nice, I haven’t had a problem with sunlight legibility either .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review13

friends have told me that the sound quality during a call is worse than from previous phones I’ve used, namely the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the Oneplus 5 .

The Samsung Galaxy S9 tends to sound better when I call someone over 4G but using it as a regular phone means the sound quality will take a hit .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review12

however all of this might be due to the unit itself, if I had to give one reason I really wouldn’t want to give up the Samsung Galaxy S9 it’s the speakers, they’re really loud the sound is rich and they even have some bass .

they’re good enough that I don’t need a hunt for a Bluetooth speaker and they’re routinely a lifesaver at get-togethers, for a tech youtuber I may be behind the times but I still use my headphone jack on a daily basis .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review11

Samsung through headphones isn’t quite as good as an LG Phones, but it’s better than 95% of the phones out there, however whether you use bluetooth or not keep the Dolby Atmos setting turned on .

the difference in sound quality is like eating a raisin cookie and a cheesecake that was just freshly taken out of the fridge, amazing cheesecake .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review10

the real conundrum is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery seems to last longer than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with my usage habits, generally in between YouTube videos viber calls web browsing and a few puzzle games usually last me a full day .

with both phones the power saver was pretty much permanently turned on and the always-on display was turned off, Samsung seriously needs to implement a faster charging .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review9

however using the charger included in the box is miles better than using a generic one, because then the charging speeds become painfully slow .

as far as the RAM and chips that are concerned I haven’t experienced any lag, on occasion I’ve had up to 30 apps open and I’ve only noticed because the phone started getting warm .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review8

a lot of people like to complain about Samsung’s software but honestly I found it easy to customize for my needs, I didn’t even have to resort to a third-party launcher and when I decided to try one out just for kicks it worked glitch free .

unfortunately I cannot say my experience has been entirely free of the occasional glitch, after the last update they’ve become more common and I’m hoping Samsung fixes the issue soon .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review7

on this unit I have 64 gigabytes of storage, after a trip where I took around 30 videos a day I got a storage close to full message, but in day-to-day life it’s plenty . Read More : Top 10 Smartphones in 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

on that same trip I visited the aquarium with a friend who owns the asain and we got to compare how much the cameras really differ, usually an auto-mode there’s not much of a difference between the two cameras, the colors are better on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and they’re slightly better dynamic range .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review6

Samsung software tends to slightly over expose images and videos at the cost of detail, especially in low-light, by using Pro Mode you can adjust for that and get some really good footage that’s better for color grading .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review1

while we’re on the topic Pro Mode is also really easy to find and use even while you’re shooting, so you can use it even if you’re pressed for time .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review5

however before shooting everything that way you should know that it’s missing HDR, there have been only five occasions where I regretted not having the telephoto lens of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and honestly I would prefer to get a cheaper lens from Amazon or invest in a good lens kit for moments .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review4

what I recommend this phone yes, is it perfect no, Samsung really needs to fix their most recent update that caused all those glitches with Spotify and closing the home screen and other things like this, because this might seriously impact the longevity of the phone software wise .

other than this I think the phone is aging well, despite all the phones that have come through the office over the past couple of months even the oneplus 6, I haven’t felt the urge to jump ship .

now this might change with the upcoming Google Pixel 3 and it’s camera but that remains to be seen .

Update - 2019.03.19

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