Our Full Samsung Galaxy S10 And S10 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S10 And S10 Plus Review

it’s that time of the year yet again, and we have some beautiful new Samsung flagship to check out, as you’d expect they’re packing the latest features, as well as a hefty price tag, are the innovations worth your hard-earned cash, we are NasPhones.com and this is Our Full Samsung Galaxy S10 And Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

Samsung Galaxy S10 And S10 Plus have a build that’s quite similar to the one of last year, they’re made of curved glass on the front and back, with an aluminum frame but this time is Gorilla Glass 6 on the front .

the two phones are almost identical, except one is bigger of course the curved surface helps the phone feel comfortable in the hand, as well as providing some great looks .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review2

look closely at the front and you’ll see the major difference between the two models, the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus has a dual selfie cam, all the regular Samsung Galaxy S10 has a single one .

they peek through a hole-punch style cutout which is new this year, we have the prism white and prism green colors here, and I found the finishes to be quite striking .

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Review3

they reflect different colors on top of their primary ones, and the iridescent sheen is bound to turn some heads, another nice touch here is the camera bump, it extends as a horizontal bar which looks clean and adds some symmetry to the design .

it’s not all about the looks though, the phones feel quite sturdy, and as Samsung’s flagship they come with full IP 68 rated water and dust protection .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review4

a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus has a 6.4 inch AMOLED screen, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 is 6.1 inches in diagonal, both are curved at the edges, and have a 19:9 aspect ratio and a 1440 x 3040 resolution .

Samsung calls the panel’s dynamic MLS, since they support HDR 10 Plus, this allows the panel to allocate that emic range on the fly to match support the content but for now such content is only available through Amazon Prime video .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review5

regardless, regular content on these panels looks awesome, Samsung Galaxy S10 is a bit more pixel dense at 550 PPI versus the 526 of the s10 plus, both look incredibly sharp and vibrant and of course give you those deep blacks typical of an AMOLED screen .

brightness is great, we measured almost 400 nits of max brightness on both models, and up to almost 800 nits in auto mode in bright conditions .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review6

a substantial jump from last year, it’s no surprise that both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and that’s Samsung Galaxy S10 plus our top class performers when it comes to legibility in the Sun .

color options have been overhauled this year, the menu now gives you two settings, the default vivid one is a lot punchier and not to color accurate, but it gives you sliders for adjusting the color temperatures in RGB values .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review7

the natural mode is tuned to the sRGB color space, of course the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 plus have the always-on display feature, so you can see the time and notifications while the phones sleep, there is no led for notifications though .

for audio you get a stereo speaker setup with the earpiece doubling as a second speaker both phones posted excellent scores in our audio tests for loudness and clarity and are a joy to listen to .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review8

unlike many manufacturers, Samsung is still sticking with a regular 3.5 millimeter Jack on his flagships, sound quality is awesome, super clean .

the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus has a bit more volume but both are impressive, storage is expandable through micro sd, but there’s already plenty onboard .

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Review9

there’s 128 gigs on the standard models and the performance Edition can have up to a terabyte of storage, this year Samsung has gone from a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner to an ultrasonic under display one .

it’s always on and works decently well to wake up the phone although I wish it was a little faster or more reliable, there is face unlock – which works well but since it only uses the front cam it comes with a usual caveats about security .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review10

Samsung is also updated as UI this year, instead of the old Samsung experience, now is one UI over android 9 PI, it looks and feels a bit different from the old style .

now the icons are much larger and more vibrant, the settings menu now has colored icons, and everything has a bit of a rounded and bubbly look .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review11

the app drawer and notification shade are both easily accessible by swiping up or down on the homescreen, pretty convenient, especially if you’re using the phone one-handed .

edge panels are back, you access them by swiping from the right edge of the screen and they’re fully customizable, if you go to the left you’ll find Bixby home panels that provide you with things like news, options and a calendar .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review12

you can customize your homescreen with different colors and themes, I prefer the darker ones because they mask the punch hole a little bit, you can call up the Bixby voice assistant by holding down the dedicated button .

it doesn’t seem as intrusive as before and a coming update will even let you remap it to other functions, nice .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review13

with gesture navigation you can opt to have three bars on the bottom, swiping up on the Left bar opens the task switcher, swiping up on the right one goes back, swiping right on the center bar switches apps, swiping up on the center bar goes home and swipe up and hold on the center to call up Google assistant .

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I’m not a big fan of these gestures, they’re so similar to just pressing the default on-screen Keys, then I found myself wondering why you’d want to use them .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review14

the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 plus one on either the Exynos 9820 or the snapdragon 855 chipsets, depending on the market, and eight gigs of ram .

in benchmarks each chipset forms blazing-fast, and they’re right up there among the best Android has to offer, graphics performance especially has seen a nice boost over last year’s chips .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review15

I did notice the phone’s heating up while gaming, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, when comparing the two chips, the Exynos is a bit better with single core CPU performance, while the Snapdragon Adreno 640 has the edge and graphic senses .

both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus have larger batteries in last year’s models, what battery life is about the same, width as 3400 mAh power battery, the Samsung Galaxy S10 earned an endurance training of 79 hours non-proprietary tests, while the 4100 mAh power Samsung Galaxy S10 plus earned a rating of 93 hours, pretty good .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review16

wired charging speed is decently fast but nothing mind-blowing, we were able to get from 0 to 41% in half an hour on the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus and up to 48% on the regular Samsung Galaxy S10 .

wireless charging should be fast with Samsung’s latest charging pads, we didn’t have one to try out, but with an older one we got from 0 to around 20% in 30 minutes .

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and the phone’s can wirelessly charge other devices too, you can even charge one phone with the other one, an easy way to get infinite power .

this year’s Galaxy flagships have a triple camera setup the 12 megapixel main camera and 12 megapixel telephoto camera are both the same as last year, and have OIS .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review19

new this time around is a 16 megapixel ultra wide cam with fixed focus, the main cam is a variable aperture that goes from F2.4 to F1.5 based on the detected lighting, you can also toggle this in Pro Mode .

shots in good light with the main camera are as you’d expect, great, they’re detailed and clean with almost no noise, colors are lively but not over-the-top, and dynamic range is excellent .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review20

zoomed images from a telephoto camera are very similar in quality to the ones from the main cam, we might be crazy but we see that they look better and more contrasting than last year .

now for the ultra wide-angle camera the images look pretty nice with pleasing colors and very good dynamic range, fine detail is respectable near the center of the image, but barrel distortion near the edges is pretty pronounced, now said the distortion is far from the worst racing .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review21

also keep in mind that since focus is fixed you have to get the distance right, objects that are too close won’t come out looking sharp .

Samsung’s live focus portrait mode has changed, now the photos are taken with the primary cam instead of the telephoto, so you have to get quite close to the subject for headshot style framing .

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you do get a larger sensor though and we’re really happy with the way this turned out, dynamic range is much improved over last year, subject separation is excellent, faces have nice detail, and skin tones are just right .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review22

in low-light, the main camera captures excellent images with well-defined detail and little noise, that a dynamic range is also very good lights, that you’d expect to be clipped actually look pretty decent .

now Samsung’s got an ID motive source called bright Knight, which is a toggle in the settings under scene optimizer, but it’ll only engage if it detects extremely dark conditions .

we only got it to kick in during one scene, and the results weren’t too spectacular, unlike many Feldman’s the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 plus can use a telephoto camera to zoom in the dark, unless it’s too dark, then it will switch to a crop from the main cam .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review23

you can also use the ultra wide camera in the dark, it performs great, giving some of the best ultra wide shots we’ve seen at night .

as we mentioned before the two phones each have a different setup for selfies, both have an all-new 10 megapixel primary selfie cam, but the 10 plus comes with an additional 8 megapixel camera depth sensing .

in good light both phones produce excellent results, selfies look awesome, sharpen highly details, plus would face detection autofocus you know that your pictures will come out sharp .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review24

if HDR kicks in you’ll get a bit warmer and more contrast image, and you can talk with the field of view too, it goes from a cropped image to a wider one, so you can fit more into the shots .

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in selfie portrait mode shots from both phones have the same great quality, however the subject separation is better on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, thanks to a step sensor .

you can shoot 4k video at 30fps, pretty rare on a phone these days, field of view is kind of narrow but there is stabilization, so you could do some vlogging here .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review25

4k videos from the primary rear camera can be shot in 30 or 60fps, and with HDR 10 plus support, quality is very good regardless of fps, detailed in contrast with spot-on color reproduction .

zoomed videos with the telephoto cam looked nearly as good at 30fps, but going to 60fps brings a noticeable downgrade in quality .

if you film through the ultra wide cam there is no 60FPS mode but the 30fps ones are excellent provided your subject isn’t too close to be out of focus .

there’s electronic stabilization available in all modes except at 4k and 60fps, for extra bumpy occasions there’s also a super steady mode, it’s only 1080p and it uses the ultra wide camera which means no autofocus .

it doesn’t look ultra wide due to the heavy cropping, but the results are impressively smooth, like last year you can record super slo-mo video at 960 fps, but now Samsung has doubled the time window to 0.4 seconds, this results in 14.8 seconds of super slo-mo footage, you can have the slo-mo started when the phone detects motion or started manually .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review26

so the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, overall they bring the features that people have come to expect from the S series, a gorgeous and waterproof design, amazing curved AMOLED display, cutting-edge chipset, stereo speakers and one of the best cameras in the business .

so which phone is better well they’re almost the same, but personally I would go for the regular Samsung Galaxy S10 ,is cheaper, this screen space isn’t that much smaller and I don’t take selfie portraits that often, so a secondary selfie cam on the plus model isn’t really worth it for me .

now on to the downsides, there’s the hole punch cutout which show a lot of people aren’t fans of, and that under display fingerprint reader it works but what we had before was faster and more reliable .

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Review27

Samsung does say that they’ll try to improve it do a software update though, and finally there’s the battery, it’s not bad but Samsung sits behind the competition in both battery life and charging speed .

but regardless you can’t deny the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus are both killer flagship phones, they’re not cheap, but if you have an older model and are looking to upgrade to the triple camera and the new chipset, or you’re just looking for a top-of-the-line phone in 2019, these definitely earn our recommendation .

Update - 2019.02.28

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