Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Hands-On Review

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review

here is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and it’s barely the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , however Samsung managed to put a slightly larger 6.4 inch screen in roughly the same footprint .

Samsung Galaxy Note 91

the Super AMOLED infinity display has the same QHD+ resolution and like the Samsung Galaxy S9 the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also gets the updated stereo loudspeakers .

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

meanwhile the headphone jack isn’t going anywhere and that’s the way many people like it, I’m impressed that Samson was able to fit a larger screen and a massive four thousand milliamp hour battery in the phone while still making it 0.6 millimeters shorter, 0.2 millimetres thicker and only one point six millimeters wider than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 . Read More : Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy Note 92

mind you there’s still plenty of space for the S Pen to fit all the way inside, the overall design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been refined here, there are new diamond-cut beveled edges at the top and bottom ends of the phone, while the return of a metal frame with a matte finish gives a nice contrast to the overall look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 .

the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will use the same CPU’s as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Samsung’s Exynos 9810 (10 nm) – EMEA depending on your market .

Samsung Galaxy Note 93

ask for RAM, that’ll depend on which storage option you choose, Samsung has doubled the amount of internal storage to 128 gigabytes and that one comes with 6 gigabytes of RAM, meanwhile a 512 gigabyte model comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM .

as someone who loves to record 4k video a lot, adding bigger storage options is the way to go and Samsung is now leading that movement .

Samsung Galaxy Note 94

moving on, there’s an updated dual camera setup, which is actually the same hardware it brought over from the s9 plus, a dual of 12 megapixel camera setup with an aperture that can switch between F/1.5 and F/2.4 .

new to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 though is Samsung seen optimizer, what it does is adjust camera settings optimal for the scene being shot .

it’ll make meaningful adjustments to white balance and contrast while also using the correct camera settings, one other cool feature is flaw detection, which lets you know if the picture you just took might have someone with their eyes closed or may have been out of focus .

Samsung Galaxy Note 95

this way you realize it during the moment and not when it’s too late and you can’t take the shot again, while there is no fingerprint scanner under the display, Samsung did move the sensors location, it’s now under the camera clusters so there’s less of a chance that you’ll smudge the camera and it’s easier to reach . Read More : Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note 96

Samsung’s desktop experience gets more flexible in the ways you can connect to a monitor, you won’t need to use a dex station to use the desktop mode, now all you need is a USB C to HDMI adapter and you can use the phone’s display as a trackpad .

Samsung Galaxy Note 98

a keyboard will pop up whenever you need to add text, not only this but if you’re watching a video or doing research while in dex mode you can still access the launcher and other apps from the devices screen simultaneously .

Samsung Galaxy Note 913

the s-pen also gets a bunch of new features including Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the button on the s-pen to launch the camera with a long press, then quick press to take a photo and you can also do a double press to switch between the front and rear cameras .

Samsung Galaxy Note 99

a few apps will have this remote input at launch and Samsung says it will launch an SDK for any other developer who wants to implement remote functions with the s-pen to their apps .

it only takes 40 seconds for the S Pen to become fully charged while it’s inside the phone and the charge is good for about 200 button presses or about 30 minutes connected to Bluetooth . Read More : Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 910

of course if you don’t plan to use any of these features you don’t have to worry about any battery in the S Pen dying, even if the charge is gone you can still use the s-pen normally while it’s in proximity of the touch screen .

Samsung Galaxy Note 911

the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have four colors available globally, midnight black, ocean blue which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 signature color with that yellow S Pen, lavender purple and my favorite metallic copper, it’s a darker version of gold and it reminds me of like a dark beer, which really catches my eye .

Samsung Galaxy Note 912

the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was launched on August 24th with pre-order Star tonight at midnight, you can get the 128 gigabyte model for $999 or the bigger 512 gigabyte model for 1,249, ouch, let us know what you think of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the comments below . Read More : Samsung Galaxy S10

Update - 2019.03.31

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