Realme 3 Full Review

Realme 3 Full Review

when it comes to budget phones you usually expect some trade-offs, in the case of the real me three you get some great performance, but the tall screen is only 720p, so is it worth looking into

we are and this is our Full Realme 3 Full Review .

like last year’s models the Realme 3 is built of plastic, except for the gorilla glass screen, however what is glossy finish the body looks quite convincingly like glass as well .

Realme 3 has gone all out with these striking gradient colors, they’re really quite gorgeous, the dynamic black model is a bit more subtle, while the radiant blue is shinier, you can even use it as a mirror in a pinch .

with a seamless uni-body the Realme 3 feels comfy in the hand, though it is a bit slippery and attracts fingerprints, there is a plastic case included in the box though . Read More : Realme 3 Full Specs

Realme 3 Full Review10

now on to the screen, is a 6.2 inch IPS LCD with a 19:9 aspect ratio and a 720p resolution, actually the same resolution is the Realme 2 .

what’s new this time around is the smaller water drop style notch cut out for the selfie cam, it’s more subtle than a square notch, at 271 PPI content on this screen isn’t the sharpest around .

we did notice some blurriness and pixelization here and there, especially around text or the icons on the home screen, however if you don’t mind that for this budget class it’s sharp enough and quite usable .

Realme 3 Full Review

blacks are actually quite deep and colors are mostly accurate, especially if you opt for the warm color mode in settings .

however maximum brightness is below average at 385 nits, usability out in the Sun is still okay though far from ideal .

for audio the Realme 3 has a single bottom firing speaker next to the microUSB port, yes Realme is still going for microUSB here, for a budget device this speaker is actually pretty decent sounding with good Loudness . Read More : Realme U1 Full Specs

Realme 3 Full Review1

if you plug headphones into the 3.5 millimeter jack it’s a bit underwhelming though, loudness is just average and there is some distortion creeping into the mix, there is FM radio but remember that you need to plug in a headset which doesn’t come in the box .

you do get expandable storage on the Realme 3, on top of the 32 or 64 gigs built in, the tray combines two SIM slots with one dedicated microSD .

the fingerprint scanner is rear mounted, it’s lightning fast and accurate and always ready to unlock the phone, you do get face unlock as an option as well, also quite fast and responsive .

Realme 3 Full Review2

the Realme 3 is the first smartphone we’ve encountered without oppo’s latest color OS 6 over android 9pi, unlike previous versions it brings some UI elements more typical for stock Android .

for example there’s now an app drawer to store your apps in, instead of keeping everything on the home screen, but there’s still the option to have it like before too . Read More : Oppo Find X Full Specs

Realme 3 Full Review3

and the default on-screen navigation key is now take after the Google pixels, a combination of a back button and a pill for navigation, you can of course opt for swipe navigation in the settings as well .

on color OS 6 the notification shade has a new more colorful look, just like before the phone uses machine learning to freeze apps in the background instead of closing them .

Realme 3 Full Review4

you can configure this or just opt out of it entirely, and the game space gives you easy access to your games, and lets you select performance modes for them or block notifications while you play .

at the heart of the Realme 3 is a Mediatek Helio P70 (12nm) in the indian market and a Mediatek MT6771 Helio P60 (12 nm) elsewhere, they both perform about the same though .

you also get you the three or four gigs of RAM and a dedicated chip for AI driven tasks such as the new camera software, in benchmarks the Realme 3 does a great job in CPU performance . Read More : Oppo R17 Full Specs

Realme 3 Full Review5

though it doesn’t score as high as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 snapdragon 660, we didn’t notice any heating or throttling, but where this phone really excels is in graphics performance, thanks to its lower screen resolution, it blows away the competition nothing even comes close .

battery life is excellent on the Realme 3, with this large battery of around 4230 milliamp hours is scored an endurance rating of a 108 hours and a proprietary tests, nice .

Realme 3 Full Review6

charging speed isn’t too fast though, the included 10 watt charger got us from zero to just 23% charge in 30 minutes, the Realme 3 has a 13 megapixel main camera phase detection autofocus, is the same as on the Realme 2, except now there’s an F 1.8 lens there’s also a secondary 2 megapixel depth sensor .

in good light photos turn out sharp, with decent resolved detail, excellent contrast, balance noise control and accurate colors, dynamic range is about average, there are clipped highlights here in there .

Realme 3 Full Review7

a new feature is the chroma boost mode which you must enable from the viewfinder, it improves the dynamic range through image stacking and spices up the colors a bit, however you will lose some fine detail here in there .

portraits come out in 13 megapixels, these are among the better portraits we’ve seen, flagships included, with nice subject separation and smooth transitions from sharp 2d focused .

when shooting photos at night, the F 1.8 lens offers some improvement in detail over last year, noise levels are high though and a lot of the highlights are clipped . Read More : Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Worth It

Realme 3 Full Review8

turning on HDR will restore some of these highlights, and improve detail of it as well, we tried some chroma boost shots in low light and produce some nicely balanced photos .

there is a dedicated night mode code nights-cape that aims to improve hand-held photo quality in low lights .

sadly we weren’t too impressed by it though, often finding that photos from the chroma boost or HDR mode look better .

the Realme 3 has a 13 megapixel F 2.0 selfie camera with fixed focus, it does a decent job there’s enough detail and sharpness and the colors are nice .

Realme 3 Full Review9

you can also snap selfie portraits, which look fine and come out in 8 megapixels, for video you can only shoot in up to 1080p at 30fps even though the helio p 60 and p 70 support 4k recording, there is no electronic stabilization either .

however the 1080p video is pretty decent it’s captured with stereo sound and there’s plenty of resolved detail and accurate colors, dynamic range is about average and noise is handled well .

so that’s the Realme 3, overall it delivers a lot more than what you’d expect for the price tag, for something like ten thousand rupees are around 140 bucks, it offers a stunning design, great battery life and unmatched graphics performance for his class . Read More : Full Samsung Galaxy S10 And S10 Plus Review

Realme 3 Review12

plus some of those nighttime shots definitely don’t look like they were taken on a budget phone, however you do have to deal with this low res screen .

it’s not the end of the world, but if you’re the type of person that’s annoyed if you see something blurry here and there you might want to look elsewhere .

plus I have to mention it, it’s 2019 guys we have to move on from the micro USB already, and you do have to find the phone available to a side of India it’ll be officially releasing in mostly Asian markets .

Realme 3 key features

otherwise you’ll have to buy it as an import, so keep that in mind, but all that said if you’re a gamer and want to play some heavy titles on a budget or you’re just looking for a ton of bang for your buck and then the real me three definitely deserves our recommendation .

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