Realme 2 Pro Unboxing And Key Features

Realme 2 Pro Unboxing

we’ve seen a lot from Realme lately, both the Realme 1 and Realme 2 within just a few months, but now we have the higher end Realme 2 Pro and it’s just arrived, so let’s check it out .

Realme 2 Pro Unboxing

open up the box and we have a little package that says Realme, inside is a clear plastic case and there’s also a sim key, underneath is the phone itself, and it’s looking pretty shiny and great .

we also have a micro USB cable, no USBc here and finally the 10 watt Oppo charger, so now that we have the Realme 2 Pro in our hands let’s go over his key features .

Realme 2 Pro Unboxing2

Realme 2 Pro Shiny Design

first up a shiny design, the Realme 2 Pro features a shiny design made of plastic, I mean poly-carbonate, realme describes the back design as dewdrop, the colored surface is covered by a clear layer that is shiny and transparent, almost like glass, adding a sense of depth .

the screen of the Realme 2 Pro is a tall 6.3 inch LCD with a 1080p resolution and there’s a rounded notch cut out at the top, you can’t really hide the notch but it’s okay since it’s pretty small . Read More : Realme 3

Realme 2 Pro Unboxing6

the fingerprint reader is rear mounted and seems decent, fast and accurate, at the bottom is a micro USB port, we’ll say it again we wish everyone would move on to USBc already, but thankfully for audio you won’t need a dongle as there is a headphone jack .

Realme 2 Pro Chipset

Realme 2 Pro17

next a power efficient chipset, inside the Realme 2 Pro is a snapdragon 616 chipset, a step up from the snapdragon 450 and a Realme 2, along with four or eight gigs of ram performance is pretty good on this chipset it’s one of the best available for a mid-range phone .

you can play games like PUBG at higher settings and on less capable devices, it’s rather power efficient too, sold over 3750 mAh battery isn’t as large as the Realme 2 Pro’s battery life should be good . Read More : Realme U1

Realme 2 Pro AI Cameras

number three cameras with AI support, the Realme 2 Pro has integrated AI support for both the front and the rear cameras, the front cam is 16 megapixels and F/2.0, the cameras beautification are enhanced through AI .

on the back we have a dual camera setup, there’s a 16 MP main camera with f/1.7 aperture and 2 MP depth sensor, AIC and recognition can identify scenes automatically and adjust settings for you . Read More : Realme U1 Unboxing And Key Features

you can take portrait shots with different portrait lighting options, and you can record video in 4k@30fps, it isn’t stabilized though .

Realme 2 Pro AI User Interface

and finally a heavily customized interface, the interface of the Realme 2 Pro is color OS 5.2 over Android 8.1 Oreo, it’s pretty far from stock Android .

the leftmost screen holds customizable panels for things like weather albums and schedules, the photo gallery is enhanced by AI, it recognizes faces for automatic sorting and gives plenty of editing options .

swiping on the side opens up a menu that gives options like screen shot, screen recording and recommended apps and there’s a game space to organize all of your games . Read More : Realme 3 Full Review

so the Realme 2 Pro offers quite a lot more than the Realme 2, specs wise they’re totally different, if this one’s priced right it could be a phone to watch out for, what do you think let us know down in the comments as well as any questions you might have and we’ll try to answer them in our full review coming soon .

Update - 2019.03.16

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