Oppo Find X Unboxing And Key Features

Oppo Find X Unboxing

Oppo Find X is a member of the new pop up camera Club along would Vivo’s NEX S, and it’s just arrived so let’s check it out .

so after getting this plastic off, the box has a rough texture to it almost like denim, slide it open and it’s all orange inside and we see the Oppo Find X .

underneath we have a sim key, Oppo tells us there should be a case in here too, in the retail package, there’s a set of earbuds and beneath them is the USB type-c cable .

Oppo Find X Unboxing1

we also have the vooc fast charger and at the bottom a little baggie with a dongle, yeah there’s no headphone jack, and since ours isn’t a retail package we didn’t get any paperwork, so now that we have the Oppo Find X in our hands let’s go over his key features .

Oppo Find X Pop-Up Camera

first up telescoping camera, yes the moving camera module has created a lot of buzz around this phone, awful does it a little bit differently than vivo though .

instead of a small piece coming out of the body like a periscope, here the whole top of the phone slides upwards to unveil the selfie cam on the front and the dual cameras on the back .

it takes about half a second and it’s pretty cool, even a bit transformers esque, like on the Vivo Nex S it’s fun just to watch this thing slide in and out .

the sliding module also houses 3d facial scanning technology, it’s supposed to be way more accurate than camera based facial scanning sort of like on the iPhone 10 .

but be prepared to slide out every time you unlock your phone since there is no fingerprint reader on this one, Oppo stands behind this durability though . Read More : Oppo F9 Pro Unboxing And Key Features

Oppo Find X Unboxing18

saying that the slider can withstand over 300,000 actuations, fortunately you don’t need to slide it out for calls there’s a little earpiece, the selfie camera is 25 megapixels in f/2.0, shots look pretty nice and there’s an enhanced portrait mode thanks to the 3d facial scanning .

the dual rear cam has a 16 megapixel F/2.0 main shooter with OIS and a 20 megapixel F/2.2 one for depth effects and lowlights, there’s also aI enabled scene recognition which can adjust settings for your shots here are a couple of shots .

Oppo Find X Build Quality

next the beautiful build, the Oppo Find X has a striking and futuristic appearance, its glass on the back with an aluminum frame, nothing too out of the ordinary .

but man those curves really catch the eye, ours is in Bordeaux red and the color is more intense around the edges, thanks to the curved glass it seems to shift a bit depending on how it catches the lights .

Oppo Find X Unboxing19

the screen is curved as well and thanks to the transforming design is bezel as’ without a notch, it’s a 6.4 inch AMOLED with a 1080p resolution .

Oppo calls it a panoramic arc screen and it looks stunning, at the bottom of the phone is the USBC port since there’s no headphone jack you’ll have to get used to the dongle life for headphones, but there is no card slot for expandable storage, you’ll have to make do with the on-board 128 or 256 gigs .

Oppo Find X battery & chipset

third flagship level processor and big battery, Oppo didn’t skimp on the internals of this phone, we got a top-of-the-line Snapdragon 45 chipset with 8 gigs of RAM, and a 3700 mAh battery, a bit on the larger side .

so far the phone seems quite snappy on oppo’s color OS 5.1 which is based on Android 8.1 Oreo, and as expected the games I’ve tried run without a hitch .

I hope the battery performance is good a phone with a large screen and this many features could be power-hungry, but charging shouldn’t be a problem at all this is the 20 water1 bulk fast charger that comes in the box the more expensive Lamborghini version even has a super VOOC which should charge a lot faster too . Read More : Top 10 Smartphones in 2018

so there you have it guys the Oppo Find X is looking pretty interesting so far, this great to see manufacturers stepping out of the box, what do you think, let us know down below and be sure to leave any questions that you’d like to see answered in our upcoming full review .

Update - 2019.04.09

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