Honor View 20 Preview, a OnePlus 6T competitor with a hole

OnePlus 6T VS Honor View 20

if 2018 was the year of the notch 2019 is definitely the year of the hole punch display, leading the way with this new trend is the Honor View 20, which made its debut in China in late December but is making its international debut this week in Paris .

as you can probably guess the main highlight of phone is at 6.4 inch 1080×2310 edge to edge LCD display, which features a hole punch cutout in the top left hand corner for its 25 megapixel front-facing camera .

now some may brush off the hole punch display as just another fad, but it’s actually an ingenious way to get rid of the notch from the top middle of the display and move it to a corner where it’s less obtrusive .

sure notifications do get bumped out to the right a little bit, but the hole is barely noticeable when you’re watching full screen video or playing games in landscape mode .

but the Honor View 20 isn’t just about its display, on the inside the phone is powered by a Kirin 980 chipset which is the same one you get on the huawei mate 20 pro, and you get the option for six or eight gigabytes of RAM and up to 256 gigabytes of storage .

and then you get an amazing 48 and megapixel camera on the back, which is paired with a true 3d camera sensor, which actually calculates how long it takes for light from objects to bounce back and reach the camera sensor .

so far we’ve only taken a couple dozen pictures with the Honor View 20 but we can definitely say it’s one of the better cameras that we’ve used from an honor smartphone in the past .

colors are great, images are sharp and white balance is on point as well and even low-light performance is definitely commendable, on the software front the Honor View 20 is running on magic UI 2.0 on top of Android 9 with the latest January security update, so that’s pretty good .

the experience is about the same as what you get on other honor and Huawei smartphones which means you’ll probably want to install a third-party launcher or a specific icon pack to make this look a little bit better than it does right out of the box .

another design feature to highlight of the Honor View 20 is its unique metal and glass build which is highlighted by a chevron pattern on the rear glass panel .

those patterns actually move up and down the back of the smartphones as light hits it from different angles making it stand out from most other smartphones with a glass back, as for performance the Kirin 980 is deaf we phenomenal .

the processor itself is faster than the snapdragon 845 so you’ll be able to compete with most flagship devices from 2018 and even take on the oneplus 6 and the OnePlus 6T head-to-head .

six gigabytes of ram is definitely enough for most people but if you’re a true die-hard multitask-er, the eight gigabyte model is probably the way to go .

on more than one occasion I’ve been able to open up an application after 12 hours and not have the loading screen pop up and jump directly into the application .

the retail launch date and the pricing of the phone should be announced this week in Paris but rumor has it that the phone should make its debut at around 460 euro .

which actually makes it a really good option if you’re looking for an alternative to the OnePlus 6T, the phone won’t likely make it to the US or Canada but if you’re really itching to pick this phone up you should be able to pick it up from gearbest.com or other third-party retailers .

Update - 2019.05.07

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