OnePlus 6T Review – More Than You Pay For

OnePlus 6T Review

the recent tech pocalypse has proven that smartphones aren’t just getting better, they’re also getting significantly more expensive, with players like Apple proving that they can cross the $1,000 barrier unscathed, the result hasn’t really been good for consumers, as major competitors have decided to follow .

so for those of you wondering why all the popularity over the launch of the OnePlus 6T on t-mobile in the United States, that’s because in 2018 this phone is still $100 less expensive than most flag-ships out there .

for those of you asking well what’s the catch, it’s time to detail the pros and cons, we are and this is our review of the OnePlus 6T .

OnePlus 6T Super Review

OnePlus has gained lots of popularity for its motto of being the flagship killer, but if you remember any of our previous reviews in the last couple of years I’ve never really agreed with that .

even with it’s never settle slogan I always felt that there was some level of compromise, up until this years one plus six, that was easily one of my favorite phones of early 2018 .

so you’d assume that the OnePlus 6T would build on that and the fact of the matter is that it does for the most part, not on everything, in the looks department it’s hard to not admire the breadth of originality that oneplus has adopted since the 5t with different coats of aluminum or glass and even unique colors .

OnePlus 6T Super Review1

this Thunder purple variant is hot, the gradient goes from purple to black and even extend still the aluminum finish and the color shifts depending on the angle that you look at the phone .

the matte glass finishes not flawless and it’s fight for fingerprints or smudges but it does do a better job than most and even if I’m not a fan of cases oneplus does know how to make a good sandstone case to blend .

it’s really the little things, like the mute slider that most of us praise and that makes this phone stand apart, the change you will notice is that this phone is thicker and heaver than its predecessor .

OnePlus 6T Super Review2

but in that case it’s because it serves a purpose with its larger 3700 milliamp hour battery, almost everything else inside definitely makes this a flagship, we’ve got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, options for more RAM that most at 6 or 8 gigabytes, it also starts with more storage than most with an option that begins at 128 gigs not expandable and extensive 256 .

we have dual-sim capabilities if you choose the international variant and we also have one of the fastest charging solutions in the industry . Read More : OnePlus 6T – They Almost Nailed It

now the corners cut to keep the price down begin when you ask for an IP rating, the phone is splash resistant according to the company but we can’t really tell you to what degree and then my least favorite changes the death of the headphone jack .

OnePlus 6T Super Review3

pretty much contradicting all the fun oneplus is made of competitors for settling on this trend, there are some neat tricks that don’t necessarily compensate but that are welcomed .

this is the first phone to bring it on display fingerprint scanner to the United States and it’s not just fast it learns, you’ll notice that it keeps getting more and more accurate as you use it .

also fastest face to unlock which surely is not secured but crazy convenient when wearing gloves in horrible weather conditions, in between both solutions we have one of my favorite displays on a flagship, there’s a nearly unintrusive notch at the top, minimal Chin’s at the bottom and a well-tuned 6.41 inch optical AMOLED display a 1080p Plus resolution all protected by Gorilla Glass 6 .

this means great color reproduction, deep blacks and no issues when viewed from an angle, but the only thing missing for this experience to be great stereo speakers in order to enhance content consumption, trust me don’t muffle the speaker .

OnePlus 6T Super Review4

things I do miss or the smart approach and hiding the notch that we saw with the oneplus 6 when watching videos in full screen, but that being said a cool alternative is now that you can fully hide it .

as oneplus has now decided to still portray notifications in the hidden portion and still give you the extra screen real estate for content, hardware on this phone may not be flagship challenging yes I do agree there are some things that I wish were still here, but it doesn’t change the fact that hardware on this phone is great for the most part . Read More : OnePlus 6T Short Review

OnePlus 6T Super Review5

now where this phone is king is in software and notice it’s no pixel, those of you looking for an uncompromised experience in android this is your phone .

sure it may be called oxygen OS 9.0.5 but it’s nearly as stock as Android 9pi should be with some minor additions to improve on the experience .

the launcher offers lots of flexibility like being able to control the grid size of icons and the design of these, if you’re not a fan of widgets on your home screen there’s a drawer on the left where you can stack them up or do both approaches as well .

OnePlus 6T Super Review6

the app tray looks like the standard from Android, but if you slide from the border there’s a hidden app tray for apps you want to keep to yourself .

then there are the gestures you can pick the typical Android navigation buttons you can also pick to go with the pixel pill that is not necessarily my favorites, the one I really like most are full screen gestures where you can set both sides to go back and then you could set the Google assistant that’s a long press on the power button .

and then there are other extras like gaming mode to not be bothered by notifications while you’re playing and then my other favorite which is reading mode for those of you wanting a black and white screen while reading a book on the go .

OnePlus 6T Super Review7

so then you ask why is this closest stock Android if there are so many extras, well I’ve been using this phone for nearly three weeks and there is just no lag .

oneplus has this neat feature called project boost where the phone uses leftover RAM to load elements you use most on applications in order to have these load and performs faster . Read More : OnePlus 6T Review : New Design, Same Price!

the company has also spent the last two years proving that it can give you the latest version of Android within a close range of when it gets launched on the pixel as well .


OnePlus 6T Super Review8

even with the reduced earpiece phone call sound great and the same goes for the speaker as long as you don’t cover it and then data speeds are epic our test on the t-mobile network for this phone have proven it to be a champ .

topping even phones like the iPhone 10s which is far more expensive, best of all the battery life oneplus makes its competition look really bad on this department, this device barely sips on power while not in use and when you do I’ve ended days with enough juice to go for another and yes I do wish that it had wireless charging but the fast charging is so good that really you don’t care, you can top this phone in less than an hour really easily .

now usually the story goes that companies that are aggressive about the price will cut corners when it comes to the camera, but not here, ever since the oneplus 6 I’ve really praised the improvements provided .

OnePlus 6T Super Review9

we’ve got the same camera combo an arrangement of the six with some added software enhancements, this means a 16 megapixel camera at F 1.7 aperture, 1.22 microns and a wide 25 millimeter equivalent .

there’s a secondary camera at 20 megapixels F 1.7 aperture and standard microns, but it serves more to assist the primary in certain scenarios .

photography is great, obviously during the day it’s hard to find a phone with these specifications that doesn’t deliver, one of my favorite enhancements that oneplus has figured out as HDR .

OnePlus 6T Super Review10

dynamic range on this phone is killer and now like the OnePlus 6T is good almost to the level of other flagships, the smaller microns on the camera don’t really help, but if you’re able to hold still nightscape bring some long exposure love to the mix to truly match even the best smartphones . Read More : OnePlus 6T (Mirror Black, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

I also praised this portrait mode I mean you can’t really edit the blur after the fact, but you might not want to do so the results are very natural .

but I wish I’d feel the same about selfie portraits, the company’s HDR doesn’t work with, it surely the idea is to blur the background but not blow it out .

OnePlus 6T Super Review12

seriously regular selfies and HDR just make photos so epic that it might be necessary for oneplus to show some HDR love the portrait selfies as well .

video recording is pretty much like the one plus six meeting it’s really good and super stable, I filmed the full camera experience of the one plus six in London where you can notice its civilization for both the primary camera and even the selfie shooter but you’re both fantastic in my opinion .

to conclude I’m not sure if you noticed but one thing prevailed across this review, a lot of this phone is just like the one plus six, the changes between the three in the 3t were internal and then external between the 5 and the 5T but in the case of the OnePlus 6T these are external but not all are welcomed as much as we saw in last year’s predecessors .

OnePlus 6T Super Review11

point is if you’re holding on to a one plus six said it might be a good idea for you to stay where you are, you get to keep your headphone jack, you’ve got a thinner phone and the things that matter like battery life and camera remain nearly the same .

now if you’re in the United States it might be a better idea for you to go for the OnePlus 6T, my OnePlus 6 worked fine as I used it, but unless one plus has done some added band tuning and software updates .

my speedtest on t-mobile had the OnePlus 6T downloading twice the data speeds and you also have horizon support on the 16 and then there are the significant subsidies on t-mobile and this is really at launch which means they’re only gonna get better .

OnePlus 6T Super Review14

I’m not gonna say that the OnePlus 6T is the perfect phone, it’s not, there’s really no such thing, but at its launch price this phone does make any other US flagship look really bad . Read More : Oneplus 6T Price In Usa

this is not the typical story of you get what you paid for, nope, the OnePlus 6T is not just great for the money it’s even better than phones that cost twice as much and we’ve got comparisons to prove that .

OnePlus 6T Super Review15

what about you what do you think about the OnePlus 6T, let us know in the comments down below and while you’re at it make sure you follow us on social media .

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