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unless you’ve been hiding under a rock I’m sure you’ve already heard lots about the OnePlus 6T, parking out daily has been loaded with tons of teasers and rumors galore and now it’s finally time to tell you what was right and what was not .

oneplus 6t specs14

let me start by saying that pretty much most of what we heard in rumors is true there are some very interesting new things and then there are others that I wish would have remained as rumors .

our care package includes more than your standard unboxing there’s now this sort of sandstone finish opposing the previous black boxes .

oneplus 6t specs

inside a red chamois which is unexpected and welcomed, in the middle is a box full of cases with the sandstone being my favorite, there’s also a pair of bullets headphones with a USBC connector and you know where I’m going with this one .

oneplus 6t specs13

and the device is on the left, the retail box that you’ll be getting now follows on that same sense don’t finish, peel the plastic off and open to see the device front and center which took me a bit too and snap . Read More : Oneplus 6T Price In Usa

we’ve got literature below with a transparent dark case a sim ejector tool and stickers, below the desk charger wall plug and the red USBC cable along with your dongle since the headphone jack is now officially killed .

oneplus 6t specs1

our OnePlus 6T in the midnight black color variant, at launch you have two color options mirror black and midnight black but this one being my favorite because I feel it’s there’s fingerprints better and I also find this to be one of the coolest innovations from OnePlus they pretty much pioneer this finish in addition to essentials like the mute slider on the side that is also here .

an interesting change is that once you hold it versus the one plus six the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s slightly thicker at 8.2 millimeters and heavier at 185 grams .

oneplus 6t specs2

that’s because there’s a larger 3700 milliamp hour battery which I expect to be great as the oneplus 6 was already pretty epic, inside we continue to have be specifications like the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, six or eight gigs of ram, a boost at the starting storage now at 128 gigs or options for 256, dual-sim capabilities, crazy-fast dash charging and no there are still no wireless charging there are still no IP rating but this phone is confirmed to be splash proof .

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said again up for the first time we’re greeted by the oneplus animation and then the option to opt into a few programs, we’re then requested to connect to Wi-Fi set up the carrier which I’ll do later, set up your Google account and then if you’d like to restore from another phone I decided to say no since one plus has a very cool device switch application to make that easier .

there’s a password pin after that that’s requested you can then set up base to unlock which is still here and then there’s the new on display fingerprint scanner setup, which I will definitely be testing extensively over time .


oneplus 6t specs3

once all those touches are done we go into the oneplus device which and it took me around 10 minutes for my data to be transfer for one phone to the other .

though I wish my launcher layout would have remained as apparently that wasn’t really ported, now one of the most significant changes to the OnePlus 6T is it’s display which you might have noticed has changed slightly the radius corners are now wider when compared to the six . Read More : OnePlus 6T Review, New Design, Same Price

oneplus 6t specs11

and which makes the bezels now more symmetrical to the phone’s body, we have a larger six point four one inch optic AMOLED panel at full HD plus resolution and 19.5:9 aspect ratio .

oneplus 6t specs4

the notch is now smaller and conforming to the radius curves with the earpiece now being snug on the chassis, sadly it still doesn’t assist as a dual firing speaker so make sure you don’t muffle the single firing unit at the bottom as it will completely kill content consumption .

oneplus 6t specs10

you notice the spec sheet the OnePlus 6T pretty much brings the same camera arrangement and specifications of the one plus six, but oneplus claims improvements in the algorithm for higher quality photos of people text, food and improvements the HDR .

there’s a new nightscape featured is going to be its long exposure night mode which fared very well in our preliminary tests, obviously we need more time to assess if we notice any changes .

oneplus 6t specs5

and then when it comes to software we’ve got oxygen OS 9.0.3 on top of Android PI, for those of you that think that your Google pixels have stock Android I would say that that fact Falls true more for oneplus devices than any other .

the oneplus 6 was one of the first devices to get the final version of Android Pi very early and the OnePlus 6T is also one of the proud few to support it today .

oneplus 6t specs9

oneplus made some important enhancements to features like gesture navigation, yes you do have the pixel pill here along with the standard navigation buttons but my favorite is honestly the navigation gestures from the bottom .

and I love that my complaints about the Google assistant not having a gesture we’re now solved with it being able to be assigned to a long press of the power button .

oneplus 6t specs6

gaming mode is also here now it changes to the way it portrays notifications which I find to be great and my favorite changes boost mode which helps you launch apps faster by retaining frequently used features in RAM for those of you that called oneplus overkill about the spec sheet .

overall my first impressions are extremely positive when it comes to the OnePlus 6T I mean you guys know that the oneplus 6 has so far been one of my favorite phones of 2018 and the OnePlus 6T builds on that .

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this is also the first time that you’ll be able to get a oneplus device on a US carrier, with the mirror-black a gigabyte variant being exclusive to t-mobile .

there is a minor price bump to 549 for the entry-level 6 gigs of ram and 128 gigs variant, 579 for those of you looking for eight gigs in 128 and then 629 for the a gig 256 gig variant . Read More : OnePlus 6T Short Review

oneplus 6t specs8

now I won’t deny I am extremely sad that the headphone jack was killed, and I’m not gonna justify the option of you getting wireless earbuds but at least the oneplus Wireless bullets are cheaper than most other options out there and given the fact that the price of this phone is not as high as other devices, let’s just say that the starting price of both units is not gonna be that crazy .

obviously our review period has just begun let us know what you think about the OnePlus 6T in the comments and which comparisons you would like to see next .

Update - 2019.05.05

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