Oneplus 6T Price In Usa

Oneplus 6T Price In Usa

it’s hard to talk about flagship smartphones these days without talking about price, over the past few years the hardware inside the best smartphones has gotten really really good .

but the prices that we’ve needed to pay for them has increased as well, it wasn’t too long ago that we are actually only paying six hundred and fifty dollars for the best smartphones on the market .

but that sticker price has been pushed up each year as manufacturers have packed in new technologies like dual or triple cameras, more RAM and absurds amount of storage .

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in 2018 the average starting price of a flagship smartphone was right around 850 dollars, but you could easily spend more than a thousand dollars if you opted for all the bells and whistles .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review

if sad news is though that we’re expecting those numbers to creep up even further in 2019, but honestly spending that much money seems like a complete waste when you can pick up a device like the Oneplus 6T a flagship smartphone which costs a mere five hundred and sixty nine dollars .

at this point the Oneplus 6T may seem like old news since the phone was released last fall, but it’s still one of the best devices on the market and arguably offers more bang for your buck than any other flagship device .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review14

we were planning on doing our review immediately when the phone came out but we wanted to wait a little bit longer to get a feel for how it truly compares to one plus 6 and also its new competitor the Honor View 20 .

Oneplus 6T has been making flagship devices for more than a few years now and has positioned itself as offering flagship tier specs and mid-range prices .

it’s true that oneplus smartphones have gotten a little bit more expensive over the years but the quality of these devices have gotten a lot better as well .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review1

in fact the Oneplus 6T can easily be compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus the Google Pixel 3 and also Huawei Mate 20 Pro , now don’t get me wrong this phone isn’t without fault but it definitely has a lot more positives than negatives .

as mentioned already the main selling point of the Oneplus 6T is its price, you could snag a great deal on a galaxy s9 or LG G7 but you have to wait for just the right time to do so .

so what’s the catch, why can’t Oneplus 6T sell its phones for so little, as you might expect there are few compromises, compared to other devices the Oneplus 6T has a lower resolution display, a pretty basic camera setup, no wireless charging and it doesn’t have an official IP dust or water resistance rating, which means it’ll likely not survive if it’s accidentally dropped into the pool .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review2

but what the phone does have is all the other high in specs you would expect from a flagship device, that includes a snapdragon 845 processor six or eight gigabytes of RAM, 256 gigabytes of storage a full-screen display with just a tiny teardrop notch and cameras that can deliver images and videos that can go head-to-head with other flagship devices .

when compared to the original Oneplus 6 the newer Oneplus 6T does have a few advantages but there are also some drawbacks that need to be considered .

the notch on the Oneplus 6T is substantially smaller which is definitely a good thing, the fingerprint sensor has been moved from the back of the phone and hidden below its display .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review3

but we found this to be finicky and unreliable, without having tactile feedback as to where to place your finger it’s hard to get it just right without having to look down at the display and even when you do the fingerprint sensor struggles to actually recognize your finger .

in my test it really only worked about 75% of the time which is extremely frustrating, but on the plus side one plus his face on lock system is pretty fast .

so it’s a good alternative if you don’t mind compromising a little bit on the security side, another negative is that the Oneplus 6T dropped to 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a feature that was present on the original Oneplus 6 .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review4

the company did include a decent USBC to 3.5 millimeter dongle for your older headphones but let’s be honest we’d all rather have a dedicated jack .

to make up for this little compromise though oneplus did include a bigger battery size on the Oneplus 6T, it included 3700 milliamp hour battery is only 12% larger than the Oneplus 6, but the difference is actually quite noticeable .

where the Oneplus 6 managed to make it through a full day with about a 20% charge remaining, the Oneplus 6T can make it through a full day with 30% charge left .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review5

this gives you a lot more breathing room and flexibility in how you actually go about your day allowing you to stay out late into the night and even take pictures without fearing that the battery is going to die before you get home .

on the design front we’re not going to be going too much detail, since the Oneplus 6T isn’t much different from the original Oneplus 6, as mentioned already the notch is smaller and the fingerprint sensor has been removed from the back of the phone .

the metal and glass body is well crafted and designed and offers the same look and feel as what you get on most other flagship smartphones these days, simply put it’s really nothing special .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review6

on the performance side the Oneplus 6T is just as powerful as you’d expect it handles day-to-day tasks with ease flying through applications faster than most other devices .

if you pick up the model with eight gigabytes of RAM you’ll rarely ever have to wait for an application to load even if the last time you used it was to over 12 hours ago .

the six gigabyte model performs amazingly as well especially when compared to other devices with much heavier Android skins, the Snapdragon 845 processor chews up and spits out pretty much anything that you throw on it .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review7

we honestly couldn’t find anything that it couldn’t handle, which means you should be set for at least 18 months before you can find games which will slow this phone down .

if you’re looking for a good software experience the Oneplus 6T is definitely worth checking out, the company keeps its own customizations to a minimum while also giving you the ability to customize the UI to your own liking without having to bog things down with heavy software .

the phone is running on Android Pi which makes it one of the few devices running the latest version of the operating system, but we do wish oneplus would include the Google feed to the left of the main home screen instead of its own dashboard .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review8

if you really want that though you can’t always buy the Oneplus 6T directly from t-mobile in the US since it actually includes that right out of the box .

one of the most surprising things about the Oneplus 6T is its amazing camera experience, we’ve compared it to the pixel 3 and a few other 2018 flagship smartphones and we’ve been pretty impressed .

the main camera features a dual sensor setup with a main 20 megapixel camera with an F/1.7 lens and a secondary 20 megapixel depth sensor .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review9

this allows the phone to capture pretty great pictures with accurate white balance and color reproduction, surprisingly for oneplus low-light performance is respectable as well with images turning out bright and crisp even when you don’t use the flash .

and oneplus has also included a dedicated night mode, which mimics the night-site feature on the Google pixel 3, it’s significantly slower than Google’s implementations and the results aren’t quite as good, but it’s still a lot better than what we’ve gotten from oneplus in the past .

the decision to go with a 16-megapixel f/2.0, 25 millimeter set up for the front-facing camera pays off as well, the images are clear without that typical smudge enos that you get from other front-facing cameras .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review10

video recording from the front and rear cameras are pretty good as well but things do fall apart a little bit in low-light situations, the main camera is optical image stabilization works really good, the electronic image stabilization is actually more impressive on the front-facing camera since it makes it look like the phones on a gimbal whenever you’re recording especially when you’re walking around .

here’s the thing the Oneplus 6T isn’t really an improvement over the original Oneplus 6, it does have a few features that are different but they’re not necessarily better .

if you’re wondering which device is better for you you’ll have to make a decision between a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack an inch screen fingerprint sensor display and a larger battery, that choice is up to you .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review11

when comparing this phone to the glitzy new honor view 20, there are a few things to consider, honor smart phone does have a slightly better camera and the Kiran 980 chipset does have a lot more power than the snapdragon 845 .

that being said the oneplus smartphone does have better RAM management and the software experience that it offers is far superior to anything that we’ve ever seen from on our smart phones .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review12

and then you’ll have some people arguing that the view 20’s hole punch cut out for the front-facing camera is better than the water-drop notch on the Oneplus 6T, but honestly that comes down to a personal decision .

if you’re considering picking up the Oneplus 6T over other flagship devices it’s really a no-brainer, the amount of money that you save over the pixel 3 or the galaxy s9 more than justifies the minor features that you’d be giving up with this device .

OnePlus 6T 90 Days Review13

if it were me personally I would probably still go with the original Oneplus 6, but the Oneplus 6T would definitely be a close second .

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