OnePlus 6 – An EPIC Surprise ?

oneplus 6 price in usa here and recently we made this article all about our experience with the OnePlus 5t and as soon as the video is published leaks news and rumors all about the OnePlus 6 started being published, of course that would happen .

now the OnePlus 5t is seriously gorgeous device that has an all-metal build it’s a very thin overall phone but still feels pretty good in the hand has minimal top and bottom bezels and it still has a headphone jack .

OnePlus 6 Review

but that entire design may be about to change once again, if he didn’t know the chinese brand Oppo is sort of the parent company of oneplus all into the big BBK electronics umbrella .

now because of this many of oneplus his phone designs relate pretty closely to designs that oppo is releasing with their smartphones, for example going back to the classic oneplus one we had a similar design to the Oppo find 5 and find 7 .

OnePlus 6 Review1

and today the OnePlus 5T are almost identical to the oppo R11 and oppo R11s, recently a supposed OPPO R13 leaked with an iPhone 10 like design .

so in theory we may have OnePlus 6 design with some iPhone 10 like traits, things like minimal bezels, the notch and a full glass build, now of course none of this is guaranteed whatsoever these are still very early days, but there is still that chance the design maybe iPhone 10 influenced .

OnePlus 6 Review2

many of the upcoming phones from China are actually expected to have that notch design, so you should probably get used to it .

also relating to this totally bezel free design a potential under the display fingerprint scanner rumor has also been widely discussed .

this feature is definitely highly expected from phones this year and for the next few years as well, we very soon our first phone with this technology from vivo also part of BBK electronics .

OnePlus 6 Review3

if oneplus can actually make it under the display a fingerprint scanner work well for its one plus six it’s gonna really show that oneplus is definitely ahead of the curve for smartphones .

and of course for specifications expects the new blazing fast snapdragon 845 processor it’s already confirmed and eight gigs of ram again .

OnePlus 6 Review4

I hope you also see things like official water resistance improve facial recognition for security features maybe wireless charging of it as a glass back and hopefully a return to a second at telephoto camera .

something I really do miss when using the OnePlus 5t for photography, both all these new advanced features in a shiny new design expect the price to likely jump once again for sure .

OnePlus 6 Review5

we’ve seen a price jump from the initial $299 for the oneplus one to $499 today for the OnePlus 5t for the oneplus 6 based on some past trends and estimate around 530 to $550 u.s. for the phone .

OnePlus 6 Review11

this is definitely a little bit of a price jump, but the price is still lower than competitors Apple, Samsung and than Google with their major flagship offerings while still offering a flagship design, flagship features and a flagship experience .

OnePlus 6 Review6

the expected release date for the phone is during mid to late June or early July, if the prices rights and the right features are there oneplus could really nail this device and make a truly incredible phone .

I still really enjoy my OnePlus 5t it’s a great phone especially at a great price tag and it’s just a great overall deal and if oneplus can make it even better with the OnePlus 6 they’re gonna have an absolute hit on their hands .

Update - 2019.05.05

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