iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 CAMERA BATTLE

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9

In iPhone XS Max Review we did a camera comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we figured we might did a Competition and pick a winner at the end .

the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max share the same cameras, on the back this is a single 12 megapixel f/1.8 wide-angle cam and a 12 megapixel f/2.4 for telephoto, both with ois .

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 91

the Galaxy Note 9 has a similar dual camera setup, however is 12 megapixel wide-angle camera has a variable aperture, which switches from f/1.5, F/2.4, but like the iPhone, the secondary telephoto camera is 12 megapixels at f/2.4 and they all have ois .

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 92

let’s start off with regular daylight photo quality, here you’ll notice that the iPhone XS Max has a more restrained and true to life color rendition, while the Galaxy Note 9 is more vivid and warmer, our preference here goes to the Samsung Galaxy .

level of detail is comparable, though the iPhone does get slightly softer at the corners, photos from both phones aren’t noisy, in fact they’re squeaky clean . Read More : Apple iPhone XR , Apple iPhone X

we did notice that in direct sunlight the iPhone is more prone to lens flare, but what a beautiful lens flare it is, and with smart HDR on, the iPhone does have noticeably wider dynamic range to the note 9, specifically in the highlights .

moving on to low-light the iPhone goes for a darker exposure, so photos are a bit darker than those from the Note 9 .

the colors are again a bit drab and muted on the iPhone, here the more saturated colors of the note 9 seem more pleasant, again photos from both phones are pretty free of noise even in low-light . Read More : Top 10 Smartphones 2018

when switching to the telephoto cam the iPhone has better contrast and produces an overall sharper image, you can’t use the telephoto and low light though, unless you force it through portrait mode, both phones just cropped from the output of the main cam .

speaking of the portrait mode, and good light both the iPhone 10s Max and galaxy note 9 produce nice images, but here the iPhone has the edge .

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 914 iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 915

the colors look better and there’s a wider dynamic range, and just take a look at those bouquet balls from the iPhone .

with the main cam video recordings are quite similar between the iPhone and the note 9, the iPhone has slightly better detail in 4k footage, but at the same time the galaxy is a bit sharper in 1080p .

this time around the iPhones overall color rendition is warmer and more saturated, but dynamic range is the same, as far as stabilization goes both phones have it at 4k@30fps and 1080p, though we do prefer the iPhone’s extra smoothness over the note 9 .

when filming through the telephoto lens the iPhone comes out on top, if filming in 4k@60fps, here there’s considerably more detail and sharpness in the note 9, but the zooming photos in 1080p seem about on par . Read More : Samsung Galaxy S10 And S10 Plus Review

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 919

moving on to selfies, the iPhone 10’s max is a 7 megapixel F/2.2 front shooter, while the note 9 is 8 megapixels in f/1.7, colors look good on both phones, though the iPhone is warmer and yellowish and the note 9 is more pinkish .

you’ll notice that the field of view was narrower on the iPhone, making it a bit harder to fit everything into the frame, but that said the iPhone handles bright lights better and preserves highlights, probably due to the smart HDR .

selfie portraits are quite similar, subject detection is quite good on both, though perhaps the iPhone has the edge here, in low-light selfies aren’t impressive from either phone though, the technology still isn’t quite there yet .

in a quick recap, both day light and low light we prefer the colors we get out of the note 9, but the iPhone preserves highlights a bit better, and this is true for portrait mode and selfies too . Read More : Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Worth It !?

when zooming the iPhones telephoto lens takes a sharper shot, with both Stills and video and speaking of video they’re about neck and neck, the iPhone has a slight upper hand at 4k resolution and a 1080p the note 9 is sharper .

so overall I think we have to hand it to the iPhone, mostly thanks to its smart HDR processing, but the differences are pretty small they are both really great cameras .

so if you’re wondering which of the two phones to get, perhaps the camera won’t be the deciding factor .

Update - 2019.03.14

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