Huawei P10 Review, Should you get it ?

Huawei P10 Review

the newly announced huawei p10 continues where the p9 left off last year and offers improvements in pretty much every aspect, design screen, quality, performance and even the like a dual camera setup, We are and this is our Huawei p10 review .

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the Huawei p10 has the same dimensions as last year’s p9, but the similarities end their, new model has a slightly smaller screen a front-mounted fingerprint sensor, a larger battery and a beefier camera .

but for a change of start at the back, the hyper diamond-cut finish on the back of the dazzling blue version is unlike anything we’ve seen or touched on a phone .

the back surface feels almost like a really fine metal file it looks like it’s made to last and it’s both glossy and yet art to smudge with fingerprints .

it does need a more thorough rub from time to time since the textured surface tends to collect grime every once in a while .

the sandblasted black version has a matte surface and it’s probably the one you might want to pick up if you’re after a more conservative look .

the p10 is the screen is what you would need to clean more often as it smudges like there’s no tomorrow, on the positive side the 5.1 inch screen is quite sharp and it has deeper blacks and higher brightness than the p9 .

as a result it’s quite contrasting, almost as good as the iPhone 7’s display and it’s really easy to use in direct sunlight, the phone has a reversible USBC port for charging just like the p9 .

but data transfer speeds are still limited to USB 2.0, at least we get a 3.5 millimeter audio jack, something we no longer take for granted ever since Apple and HTC sort of using usb headphones .

the sim slot on the dual SIM model would take either an extra SIM card or a micro SD card depending on your needs, but you can’t have both .

there aren’t any stereo speakers either there is just a single one at the bottom, at least the speaker redeems itself by pumping out town with plenty of volume .

the battery on this one has a bigger capacity than the p9 thanks to always supercharged adapter you can fill it up halfway in just 30 minutes .

the battery life was notice to be better than the p9’s every test we tried, it still received the same 75 hours endures rating but this was because of the higher than usual standby battery draw .

and it could probably be optimized further with a closer eye on when you have running in the background, the phone offers a special feature for optimizing background apps .

you can whitelist certain apps or have others automatically closed as soon as you lock the screen, the p10 shifts with the latest Android 7.0 nougat .

but Huawei has come up with a lot of tweaks of its own, for example you can have two instances of some social apps running simultaneously on the phone .

for when you need access to to account, the UI also comes with a choice of whether it be like to use the app drawer or have an iPhone style where apps live on the home screen .

the system will also let you know of any power intensive apps that may get stuck running in the background, you can also deny Internet access to specific acts that you choose .

Huawei it’s also been utilizing knuckle gestures for a while as a quick way to enter split screen mode screenshot a particular area of the screen or even start recording your own interaction with the device on video .

Huawei’s own Kirin 960 chips that deliver some serious performance in both CPU intensive and GPU intensive apps and it often tops our benchmark charts .

even more the smartphone never gets uncomfortably warm but you do get about a 30% drop in performance scores if you push it for longer stretches of time .

the great chipset choice however means that even then it remains a solid performer, the Huawei P10 makes use of the same like a dual camera setup that we saw on the Huawei Mate 9 .

you get a 12 megapixel color sensor sitting next to a 20 megapixel black-and-white, one there’s also ois and several auto focus and technologies that complement each other .

the combination of these two different sensors allows blockless to time zoom, which actually works quite well, you can zoom even further but that takes its toll on image quality .

the two cameras also work together to create high-quality bouquet effect, which you can adjust even after the shot was taken and of course the monochrome sensor also takes some striking black-and-white photos .

it also offers higher dynamic range and low light beam so your photos in the dark will usually have much better exposed shadows without sacrificing the contrast in any way .

in good light the 12 megapixel cut out photos have plenty of detail with little noise, true to life colors and wide dynamic range, due to the mature processing textures and foliage are very natural-looking .

as for low-light shots photos at sunset are fine but night images often lack sharpness due to either focusing issues or camera shake, even though the p10 is equipped with plenty of tools to help it in exactly these types of situations .

when the light is low grabbing a tripod and switching to manual mode works wonders if you know what you’re doing, if you left the ISO to a low setting and use longer shutter speeds you can get some stunning long exposure shot .

and when it comes to video recording the 4k video capabilities represent a solid upgrade over the p9, 4k videos are sharp details and exhibit good contrast and pleasant colors unfortunately the h.265 video codec means they’re not directly uploaded to youtube .

some desktop video players may also need an extra decoder before they can even play the file transfer it over from the smartphone .

so to sum things up the huawei p10 looks quite attractive, it has one of the best screens in the business while battery life and charging speeds are top-notch .

the camera is great and the chips that performances class-leading as well, so we’ve got all the basic ingredients of an exceptional smartphone .

but this may no longer cut it in 2019 when we expect an expensive talk to your smartphone to come with at least some kind of rated water resistance anyway even as it is the Huawei P10 is an excellent device .

and we didn’t find any serious flaws of it, but unfortunately with the price of 600 euros many people might prefer going for last over year’s flagship like the galaxy s7 .

which has already dropped in price and is substantially cheaper than the p10, if you can get a good deal on the huawei p10 go for it well me it’s a great smartphone that’s easy to recommend, but if you have to think about it twice you might want to shop around for a bit first .

Update - 2019.05.27

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