Huawei P10 Plus Review

Huawei P10 Plus Review

the Huawei P10 Plus is the bigger, meaner and more expensive sibling of the Huawei P10 , but is bigger always better!? let’s check it out .

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the Huawei p10 plus is one of the most compact 5.5 inches out there, it comes in the same colors as the p10 and even gets a few extra ones of its own we have it in sandblasted matte black .

we enjoy the silky smooth surface, but this already started chipping away around the SIM tray slot, it’s also quite prone to smudges so you might be better off with a dazzling finish .

the five and a half inch screen has a higher resolution than either the p10 or last year’s p9 plus, the screen however smudges more easily than most phones we’ve seen .

we like the contrast but the max brightness can’t quite reach that of the p10, both the P10 and the P10 plus have emui 5.1 this runs on top of Android 7 nougat OS .

it adds many extra features to the regular Android experience, you can choose between the conventional two-tiered UI with an app drawer or have all apps on the home screen like on the iPhone .

you also get a great choice of themes to customize the interface, knuckle gestures might seem awkward or first but they can do some nice tricks you can grab a screenshot of any part of the screen or you can quickly start the split screen mode .

the kirin 960 chip-set used on the P10 plus delivers high-class performance just like it did on the P10 and the Huawei Mate 9, so don’t worry the processor inside this phone should remain competitive for quite a while .

Huawei has revamped their fingerprint sensor for this year’s lineup, it is now located on the front of the phone, but the most important change is that it now replaces the Android navigation keys .

a tap on the surface takes you back, a longer hold takes you home, and the swipe in either left or right opens the task switcher, the sensor is lightning fast to recognize your finger, and even works when the screen is off .

we’re also glad to see a few other features on the P10 plus that we missed on the P10 for one we now get stereo speakers, the earpiece acts as a secondary speaker in this setup .

there’s also an IR blaster so this phone can replace a universal remote control and finally it comes with IP x3 splash resistance which should give you some peace safe .

next up, battery life, the P10 plus is a 17% larger battery than the P10, but the battery performance is about the same, we suspect that the bigger high res screen takes his toll on battery life .

in our battery tests the P10 plus was worse than the P10 while browsing the web, but it was better during calls when the screen is generally turned off .

it’s good that both phones shipped with huawei supercharger, in the case of the P10 plus we were able to fill up the first half of the battery in only 30 minutes .

and we finally get to the camera performance of the P10 plus you’ve already seen us review this dual camera set up on the P10 and the Mate 9, so we might as well skip the introduction .

on all of these Huawei phones we get two times lossless zoom and the secondary camera which captures outstanding black-and-white photos .

something new that the P10 plus brings to the table is a higher grade semi luxe lens, it has a wider f1 pointed aperture and reportedly better optical qualities .

we certainly witness fewer distracting lens flares with the P10 plus the sharpness was only as good as the P10 as soon as the light levels went down the focus in both phones became equally unreliable .

the wider aperture on the P10 plus was quite helpful when it got dark we’ll give it that that’s especially true in pushing the limits of the cameras capabilities in terms of shutter speed and ISO .

in the darkest conditions the P10 plus had a brighter and better suppose shop in the p10 in most other cases they used the wider aperture to shoot with slightly lower ISO .

this however wasn’t enough to produce the benefits of lower noise that we expected, the 4k video recording mode benefits from optical image stabilization or OIS .

the videos are fairly smooth and have lots of detail, 1080p videos can also make use of extra digital stabilization on top of the ois, the extra stabilization not only cropped part of the cameras field of view but it also created this wobbling jello effect with the footage it’s a good thing that you can turn it off .

so that’s all for Huawei p10 plus review, this is an excellent phone and it was a bit more expensive than the smaller p10 it does come with some perks .

namely the bigger screen, IR blaster and splash resistance, the improvements in the camera department are sort of marginal though, if you’re searching for a deal, your money might be better spent on one of last year’s flagships .

the Galaxy s7 edge or even Huawei mate 9 are both already cheaper than the p10 plus , however if price is not an issue for you the p10 plus can make an excellent big screen smartphone .

thanks for watching don’t forget to check out our detailed text review over at GSM marina calm .

Update - 2019.05.27

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