Huawei Honor Play Unboxing And Key Features

Huawei Honor Play Unboxing

Honor has a new high-end phone is aimed at the gamer crowd happily named Honor Play is just arrived, so let’s check it out .

after we take off the cover you see the phone covered in some kind of sleeve, the Huawei Honor Play ours is in the signature ultraviolet color, no it looks more like a lilac alright put that off to the side and next is a little box with a case inside, nice .

Honor Play

and we have a little paper holder for the sim key, there doesn’t seem to be any headphones here but here’s a USB type-c cable, and the 18 watt Huawei quick charger, so now that we have the honor playing our hands let’s go over as key features . Read More : Honor Magic 2

Honor Play Gaming Centric Experience

first up gaming centric experience, there are quite a few features on the honor play which cater specifically to gamers, the first is of course the processing power .

Honor Play Review

the honor play comes with hallways top chipset the Hisilicon kirin 970, neither four or six gigs of ram, because it’s a last year’s chipset it’s a bit outclassed by the current top performers and benchmarks .

but still it is flagship level and even has a dedicated chip for AI driven tasks, the honor play also comes with Huawei’s GPU turbo software update pre-installed .

Honor Play Review1

this software helps the GPU run games more efficiently resulting in steadier frame rates, however GPU turbo only works with two supported games right now PUBG and mobile legends bang bang .

we did a whole video on GPU turbo a couple of weeks ago, the honor play will attempt to add an extra dimension to gaming via a new feature called smart shot the phone will vibrate based on scenarios that detects in a game like explosions or shooting, sort of like vibration feedback in a gaming controller . Read More : Huawei Honor 7X

Honor Play Review2

unfortunately there’s no rumbling yet, honor says it will be added later via software update and even then it’ll be for select titles like pubG .

you should be able to download plenty of games through the honor play there’s 64 or 128 gigs of internal storage and it is expandable, and hopefully the large 3700 mAh battery will keep you gaming for quite a while without need for a top-up .

Honor Play Review3

with the bundled 18 watt quick charger though charging speed shouldn’t be an issue, and finally if you plug in headphones you get access to Huawei’s hysts and sound options .

these include 3d audio which simulates sounds coming from specific directions in game, the games must be supported though I was only able to get it working on a couple so far, unplug the headphones and you just have your standard bottom firing speaker .

Honor Play Review4

Huawei Honor Play Solid Metal Design

next a solid metal design, unlike recent honor and Huawei phones the honor play is made of aluminum not glass, it isn’t a compact phone, it’s quite tall and not too thin either, though it is and glossy and eye-catching it’s still pretty easy on the eyes .

on top of our ultra violet color there’s also a midnight black and a navy blue option, there’s also a player edition with red accents and laser engraved PCB like design, the fingerprint reader is on the back, it’s nice and responsive to wake up the phone . Read More : Honor 10

Honor Play Review5

on the front the honor play has a 6.3 inch IPS LCD the 1080p resolution and it’s tall aspect ratio, there’s a pretty wide notch cut out at the top, which thankfully you’re able to hide with a black bar, overall the screen looks good, it seems bright enough and content is sharp .

Honor Play Review6

Huawei Honor Play Emui And AI

third on the list Emui and AI the honor play comes with the latest emui 8.2 and most extended AI integration, emui has always been a heavy skin, but since it’s well optimized for the hardware inside it runs without a hitch .

there are quite a few proprietary features and a lot of them use the neural processor, for example in this latest edition of emui the gallery is supposed to be able to sort photos for you based on the scenario in the picture and create highlight videos .

Honor Play Review8

the AI is also used to boost face unlock, making it more accurate and reliable, of course AI driven scene detection is present on the camera too, just like on the latest Huawei phones .

don’t classify the scene and adjust settings accordingly, don’t worry even if you turn off the AI mode photos with the 16 megapixel F/2.2 main shooter will still look pretty good .

and here’s a portrait shot made possible by the depth sensing 2 megapixel secondary cam, finally let’s take a look at the selfies taken with a 16 megapixel F/2.0 front-facing camera, we’ll go more in depth about the camera quality in our full review . Read More : Honor 8X

so there you have it guys, honor really wants to attract gamers with this phone, I’m excited to see whether these features are actually worth it or just a gimmick, what do you think let us know in the comments down below as well as any questions you might have, we’ll try to answer them in our full review .

Update - 2019.03.24

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