Honor View 20 Long-Term Review

Honor View 20 Long-Term Review

the Honor View 20 is one of the most dazzling and attractive looking devices to come from the last few months, and looks are subjective meaning that this doesn’t actually add any additional functionality to the phone itself .

so I want to tell you about my actual experience and day-to-day usage with this phone, we are nasphones.com and this is our long-term review of the Honor View 20 .

Honor View 20 Review

Honor View 20 Design

the Honor View 20 added a new dimension of aesthetic to the looks of the phone with its design and a shiny looking glass but other smartphone makers have been catching up in this .

the overall design of the phone is simplistic, its streamlined, it has really thin bezels and it’s a very steadily built it doesn’t bend or creak and it feels like it costs much more than it actually is .

however it’s slippery AF, so you will need to get a case for it, I’ve actually dropped the phone a few times in the factory case so I can vouch that it’s somewhat protective . Read More : Honor Play

Honor View 20

Honor View 20 Desplay

the Honor View 20 display is 6.4 inches and it’s a pretty nice display, being an IPS LCD panel I do wish it was a bit sharper, it has full HD plus resolution but the quality of the display isn’t anything mind-blowing .

also the colors out of the box are way off they’re too saturated and the whites are way too blue, I had to switch the colors to the normal mode .

I live in Florida which is the perfect place to test sunlight legibility outside, and I have to say that the Honor View 20 it doesn’t have the overdrive that some AMOLED panels have that give it that brightness boost that said you’ll be able to see black text on a white background just finem but trying to see photos is a bit more difficult . Read More : Honor Magic 2 3D

Honor View 20 Review5

Honor View 20 Hole-Punch Camera

the lower bezel is the thickest one and the other three are about the same size and they’re pretty thin and that’s thanks to honor solution of putting the whole punch camera behind the display .

now some argue that this obstructs the display when watching videos, but I argue that this is much less obtrusive than the notch taking up the sensor and just taking up all that screen in your notification bar .

honestly I found that I didn’t even notice the hole-punch camera while I was using this phone it’s actually not really visible in a lot of applications and you just forget it’s there until you have to fire up the camera .

but if you really really really don’t want to see this whole bunch camera the UI treats it like a notch so you can go into the settings and you can hide the entire top area and kind of like a virtual bezel . Read More : Honor Magic 2

Honor View 20 Review4

Honor View 20 Bio-metrics

there is a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner on the back of the Honor View 20 and lately I’ve been preferring this a lot more than the in display scanner is because they’re just not as reliable and as accurate as a dedicated scanner on the back of the phone .

that’s just my opinion I hope that any display scanner’s are getting better over the time that we’re using them but this so far is just the best right now .

I also like that the fingerprint scanner is far away enough from the camera setup that I’m not accidentally smudging the camera and then have to wipe it every time I take a picture .

there’s also a face unlock feature but since it only uses one camera it’s not as secure as 3d face unlock, but the UI offers a smart notification setting it only shows notifications when it sees your face and then it won’t unlock until you actually use the fingerprint or your password to get into the phone . Read More : Huawei Honor 7X

Honor View 20 Review3

Honor View 20 Camera

the Honor View 20’s camera is quite good I would go as far as saying that it’s better than the OnePlus 6T‘s, camera the Honor View 20 has great dynamic range really good resolve details .

it could be a little bit too aggressive with the contrast at times, but the exposure is always on point in most lighting situations, you can also shoot in some full resolution modes, but they produce some softer looking images so I’ve been sticking to using the 12 megapixel shooting mode .

shooting in low-light is also great and you don’t always have to use the night mode, but if I’m in a much darker area and regular automatic mode won’t get me the shot I can use night mode and it works really well .

Honor View 20 Review2

the only thing I don’t like about night mode is it tends to be too aggressive if you leave it in fully automatic, so what I like to do is I set the ISO manually between 500 and a thousand ISO .

and I can get a much more realistic night looking photo, that was shot with the phone and it looks great, so maybe this is just a cultural difference, but I found no use or no desire to use the 3d body shaping feature and the beautification modes now these phones are designed for the Chinese market where that’s something that’s desired in a smartphone, they’re there if you need them and they work, so there’s that .

I do want to point out that the selfie camera is mostly good but it lacks in dynamic range, enabling HDR could help your selfies but their dynamic range is still somewhat limited .

Honor View 20 Review1

otherwise front-facing video is electronically stabilized and it works surprisingly well, this is a video test of the front-facing camera on the Honor View 20 .

you can see the frame is cropped in a bit because of that electronic image stabilization it’s doing in real time so it looks pretty good the colors are very nice and it’s not too contrasting . Read More : Honor 10

Honor View 20 Performance

the Honor View 20 performance like a dream, it doesn’t stutter, it doesn’t slow down, it doesn’t really think, it just does whatever you ask it to do .

I haven’t been able to slow it down and I have to say I’m a pretty demanding user where other phones like the Google Pixel 3 or the Galaxy Note 9 which slow down on me after a month I’m using, them the Honor View 20 is just as fast and responsive as the day I got it .

Honor View 20 Review

Honor View 20 Review

Honor View 20 Battery

the Honor View 20’s battery life I have to personally give it an A+, now I can talk about the scores and the numbers but that’s not gonna matter, what’s gonna matter is the day to day usage and I personally experienced really good battery life out of this phone .

when I charged it to a hundred I don’t have to worry about battery life for 24 hours at least, I’m not saying you’re gonna get the same stellar battery life that I’m getting as everyone’s usage is different it depends on a lot of factors on connectivity, on your signal .

battery life was the least of my worries in my experience, I also loved the supercharger it charges really fast in my experience I was able to get about half a day of battery life out of a 20-minute charge, which is really good . Read More : Honor 8X

Honor View 20 Review24

Honor View 20 Software

for those who still might be confused, magic UI is a re-branding of EMUI for honor devices, so they’re basically still the same operating system skin .

that said this isn’t the most attractive looking UI and it tries to be like iOS and some aspects, honor is not the only Chinese phone maker who is guilty of doing this .

since I got the Honor View 20 I have exclusively been using the gesture controls and I’ve gotten pretty good at using them and I like that the back action can be done from either edge of the screen so you can still use it one-handed .

overall magic UI is a feature-rich Android skin with a lot of options and customization, that tries to be like iOS but is still very much Android . Read More : Honor View 20

Honor View 20 Complaints

I do want to address some of the complaints I have about this phone and one of them is the LED notification light, it’s placed in such a position that it’s very difficult to see, it was just shoved behind the earpiece, which isn’t even facing the front of the phone it’s like off to the corner, so you have to position the top of the phone to face you before you put it down if you want to see notification lights from far away, it’s just it feels like an afterthought and like it wasn’t executed well .

another thing is the vibrate motor, it feels kind of cheap and it sounds lazy if that makes sense, then there’s the hole punch camera and it’s not about the camera itself I think the selfie camera is pretty good on this phone but what I’m referring to is the area surrounding the camera in the display .

there are some fading in the display around the camera which honor has intentionally done it has admitted they intentionally did, in order to prevent light from leaking into the camera .

Honor View 20 Review1 Honor View 20 Review2

but the same fading can be seen along the bottom of the screen and while it’s not really an issue, it’s not very noticeable, it’s still there but it’s only noticeable if you really look for it .

as someone who uses many different phones I didn’t mind using the Honor View 20 this long, before that I was using the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and honestly it felt like a very similar experience .

Honor did a very good job of figuring out where to cut costs to make a device for a different brand and I think they did a very good job of finding that balance . Read More : Huawei P30 Pro

the design is solid and attractive, the display is nice and viewing angles are great, battery life is really good at least one day out of it, performance is buttery smooth, the camera is great and versatile with lots of shooting modes, I couldn’t really find too much to complain about this phone, which is why you were hearing me earlier talk about the vibrating motor was weak, that’s like it’s like trivial .

I really enjoyed using this phone, sure there’s no wireless charging there’s no waterproofing, but there’s there’s a headphone jack and there’s an IR blaster at the top .

I consider wireless charging and waterproofing to be luxury features, that are really found on more expensive devices, this phone sits in the upper 500 euro price range and that is in a very competitive price range with the OnePlus 6T .

but the Honor View 20 offers a lot for the money, I strongly recommend the Honor View 20 to anyone who’s looking at the Mate 20 pro or the Galaxy S10 plus or any phone that’s over $1000 that really doesn’t want to spend that much but wants to get a lot for their money, it checks all the right boxes and delivers a great overall experience .

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