Google Pixel 3A VS Google Pixel 3A XL

Google Pixel 3A VS Google Pixel 3A XL

with a new Google Pixel 3A and Google Pixel 3A XL, Google is adding to an age-old dilemma, should you pick a new mid-ranger or go with an older flagship instead for a similar price .

oh and are these the new nexuses we’ve all been waiting for albeit in pixel building, we are and this is a quick hot take on Google’s latest smartphones .

Google Pixel 3A XL8

the names aren’t great let’s face it, it’s really clear what Google was going for here adding a random letter at the end like Samsung’s E and apple’s R, these suffixes all wanted to think the same thing .

Google Pixel 3A XL

here’s a cheaper light version of the flagship, but is that really true for the new pixels, they both have the snapdragon 670 chipset, 4 gigs of ram, 64 gigs of storage, Full HD plus displays with bezels like it’s 2016 all over again .

the pixel 3 is rear camera bigger batteries than the pixel 3 and 3 Excel for some reason and plastic builds, if you care about materials in your phone that will probably be disappointing .

Google Pixel 3A XL1

but hey you get a headphone jack, the chipset isn’t bad but it’s still a big step down from the snapdragon 845 in last year’s pixels, the lack of wireless charging and IP rating are clearly cost-cutting measures presumably necessary in order to reach those price points .

$399 for the Google Pixel 3A and 479 dollars for the Google Pixel 3A XL, if you really want Google’s latest camera experience this is the lowest entry point for that .


since you can now get them from more carriers in the US the pixel 3a and 3a Excel might seem like an easy win, but it’s not all great, while Google’s distribution is now better than it ever was in the States it really hasn’t improved elsewhere .

to add insult to injury, those bezels are huge even for mid-ranger in 2019, so the new pixels already looked dated, there are other mid Rangers out there with metal and glass backs too .

Google Pixel 3A XL3

the 3a and pxl are smooth and have Google’s trademark bloat free software experience with fast updates, but they can’t really match a 2020 flagship in raw performance never mind the fact that the smoothness might fade away in time if past pixels are any indication .

interestingly some of those 2018 flagships are now getting really close to the price of the Google Pixel 3A XL, especially if you take the time to hunt who deals and when it comes to phones launched in 2017 that’s even easier .

Google Pixel 3A XL4

one might be tempted to call the Google Pixel 3A and Google Pixel 3A XL, the spiritual successors to the Nexus line, which paired mostly high-end specs with decent prices .

but there is a very important difference, with the Nexus what you got was a top-of-the-line chipset and a decidedly not exciting camera, these things are flipped in the new pixels .

Google Pixel 3A XL5

where you have a mid-range chipset but a top notch camera at least on the back, that makes for a pretty unique proposition at this price point and if you’re all about getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to camera quality then look no further .

but if you want the well-rounded device that backs all the features we’ve come to expect from a flagship, then you’re better off looking for a top-shelf 2018 or even 2017 phone at a discount .

Google Pixel 3A XL6

Google can definitely do amazing things with just software, most of its cameras accomplishments can be attributed to that but software isn’t everything and people across the world would also like a phone they can actually officially buy in their country .

a phone that looks like it’s from 2019 not 2016 a phone that’s beautiful and not just capable, a phone that’s exciting and not merely good enough, being all things to all people is an impossible astronomic mid-ranger, so it’s not really surprising that the new pixels can’t deliver on that .

Google Pixel 3A XL7

even so they will be good enough for a lot of consumers and should help push Google’s Hardware efforts more into the mainstream .

Update - 2019.05.10

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