BlackBerry KEY2 Hands-On Review

BlackBerry KEY2 Review

we are and let’s take a first look at the BlackBerry KEY2, the BlackBerry KEY2 has identical dimensions to the key one, but it’s slightly thinner and a bit lighter thanks to 7 series aluminum .

blackberry is going for bolder lines and sharper corners so it isn’t as curvy as the key one, it reminds us more of the masculine design elements from the BlackBerry Bold .

the key ones Keys felt squishy and hesitant when first switching from virtual keyboards, but the key to s keyboard action is smoother all the way through and tactile feedback is better .

on top of that it is roomier so you should get a comfy typing experience with better accuracy, the keyboards aesthetic is also changed, the keys have finer beveled details and are now matte instead of glossy .

finally there’s a new shortcut in the keyboard called the speed key, it’s basically a shortcut for your shortcuts and what that means is rather than having to go back home to access a keyboard shortcut . Read More : BlackBerry KEY2 LE Hands-On Review

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you can hit the speed key to access any shortcut from any app, to really minimize the time spent tapping around, above the keyboard is a capacitive navbar that lights up when the phone is being used and turns off when it isn’t .

above that navbar is a display similar to the BlackBerry KEY1’s, this is a 4.5 inch LCD 1080p screen with an unconventional aspect ratio, blackberry also got rid of the forehead bar from the BlackBerry KEY1 and embedded those sensors under the glass .

around back is a new diamond pattern texture with plenty of grip, above the BlackBerry logo is a new dual camera, which we’ll get to in a bit .

there’s a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the top and a mic loudspeaker combo grille at the bottom, the phone is charged via USBC keeps the same 3505 milliamp-hour battery from the key one .

we expect to see some great battery endurance on the BlackBerry KEY2 with its snapdragon 616 chip, with that new cpu and six gigabytes of ram we expect to see a noticeable improvement in performance out of the BlackBerry KEY2 .

the power button has moved from its awkward position on the upper left side to the right side, right between the volume rocker and convenience key .

like the BlackBerry motion the power key is textured to make it easier to tell apart, DTEC now offers a complete scan tool for optimizing performance and security, and there’s a more comprehensive breakdown of which permissions your apps are requesting and you can check out how often the permissions are being used .

for example you can see how often Facebook has been requesting location and you’ll see whether that was done in the foreground or in the background .

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the power center has been updated with machine learning so it can learn your charging patterns, it’ll suggest when to charge your phone if it predicts you won’t make it through your regular charging window .

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finally the Locker gets a couple of new features, in addition to photos email accounts files and contacts you can now add entire apps to your locker and keep sensitive apps away from kids or wandering eyes .

here you’ll also find the Firefox focus browser, whose home is in the locker, when opening sensitive links from your email for example you might be asked to open it in the focus browser .

to access the locker you can scan your fingerprint right on the space bar, the BlackBerry KEY2 has an updated dual camera with twin 12 megapixel sensors .

of course the second sensor brings new camera features like a proper portrait mode with bouquet improved performance in low-light conditions as well as two times optical zoom . Read More : BlackBerry KEY2 LE Review

the key ones camera really exceeded our expectations in this department, so this time we’re expecting the key two’s camera to be a significant step up from the key one’s .

the blackberry key 2 will be available in silver and black color options and will set you back six hundred and fifty dollars or euros, as a former blackberry curve owner I’m personally very excited for the BlackBerry KEY2 I just think that the QWERTY keyboard offers a completely different user experience from anything that’s out in the market now .


BlackBerry KEY2 Review20

with that said let us know what you think of the BlackBerry key to leave a comment down below and let us know if you like this silver model or if you like the black model and let us know your thoughts in general about the phone .

Update - 2019.04.17

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