Best Budget Smartwatches in 2019

Top 5 Cheap Smartwatches For Android And iOS

we’re gonna check out the best budget smart watches in 2019 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I try to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more .

Uwinmo Smartwatch

Uwinmo Smartwatch

Uwinmo Smartwatch

at number 5 it’s the Uwinmo Smartwatch ,Uwinmo Smartwatch are now a very popular option and more and more manufacturers have launched their own models in the market with various shapes and designs that range from all classic looks to most sporty ones and at various price ranges too .

nowadays the conscious consumer looks to get the best value for their hard-earned money and makes a lot of research before making a purchase .

the Uwinmo Smartwatch most smart watch is a budget smart watch choice that has an interesting set of features it’s waterproof can act as a fitness watch and it’s stainless steel body it’s on the road to becoming a fan favorite .

the watch has a stainless steel body all around including the main body and the straps they feel high quality and don’t look sporty or high-tech like most the other smartwatches, its elegant, subtle and blends in with your business attire . Read More : Best Gaming Smartphones in 2019

it has an ip67 waterproof rating thanks to its quality build and components and a waterproofing will keep your watch functional through rain swimming and even diving up to one and a half meters in depth .

all its technology will be safe and working properly through your sports activities and it can even withstand the occasional dropping and bumping into walls .

it provides tons of features that you wouldn’t expect from a SmartWatch at this price and it’s compatible with any contemporary smartphone Android or Apple .

the list of features contains features such as ability to screen calls SMS and notification alerts the remote camera music control which was pretty smooth and weather .

on top of all this it works like a proper fit new Smart Watch they can easily monitor and record your heart rate and blood pressure and both are pretty accurate for this price .

in fact this would single-handedly justify the price even if there was nothing else besides the heart rate monitor it has a multi sport, mode from which you can choose the sport .

that you want to do and it’s 18 stats like the steps calories burned pace and heart rate specifically for that sport the you win most smart watch will look good on your wrist at all times with a stainless steel design make it a little annoying during sports .

Padgene DZ09

Padgene DZ09

Padgene DZ09

at the before it’s the Padgene DZ09, the Padgene DZ09 is a nicely designed square SmartWatch there are some interesting sets of features and it’s the cheapest option on our list but take note the Padgene DZ09 offers more than its price would suggest it’s compatible with almost all android smartphones but unfortunately it’s not compatible with Apple’s iPhone lineup .

in terms of looks and design the device looks a little cheap and outdated but on the wrist it looks very good with a large number of styles but because of its low price you cannot really expect premium or high quality parts to be used in this SmartWatch .

the setup process was very easy and hassle free you can choose to either sync your smartphone with a Padgene DZ09 or you can choose to use it as a standalone smartphone and both options are very quick to set up and you just start using the device instantly .

the display of this device is a rather small touch screen but it works very well and responsively throughout many scenarios, it reproduces a good number of colors and a sharp enough to read from without getting too close .

it’s not really easy to type numbers or messages on this SmartWatch but it can be done with a little time on hand .

the Padgene DZ09 is designed to be primarily used as a standalone smartphone as it can receive calls and messages has a good speaker that gets reasonably loud for that price and a microphone that’s good for phone calls .

it also has a small camera that can really take basic pictures with little detail, but it can be used as a last resort if you need a fast picture .

the Padgene DZ09 takes about two hours to charge to full capacity from zero and its life will vary majorly on your usage if you use the Bluetooth it’s recommended to keep the charger with you as the battery will die quickly .

but considering its price the Padgene DZ09 provides a good package that’ll scratch your SmartWatch itch until you’re ready to upgrade to something better .

BingoFit Smartwatch

BingoFit Smartwatch

BingoFit Smartwatch

at number three it’s the BingoFit Smartwatch , the bingo fit smartwatches the SmartWatch of choice for many buyers because of its gorgeous design adequate features for fitness and its budget price .

the manufacturer has chosen to give this device a budget price but I can easily see this sold out for even higher prices so it’s definitely a bargain .

with tons of positive reviews on Amazon and decent scores from critics the bingo fit SmartWatch will never disappoint you .

the bingo fit SmartWatch comes in three different color schemes white, purple and black, a choice range that’ll please a lot of people the silicon straps the watch are very comfortable and won’t put any strain on your wrist moreover it’ll fit any wrist ranging from five point nine inches to nine point four inches, so it’ll be a perfect fit for children and for bulkier wrists as well .

the watch is pretty well made with high quality materials and good assembly it’ll definitely take a beating before giving up, thanks to its ip67 rating the mace it’s wet rain and smash proof, however it’s not recommended for swimming .

I especially like the black model because you can easily wear it with business attire and it’ll blend in instantly making it pretty useful for the office dweller that likes to keep track of his or her fitness stats .

it’s a very feature-rich package with heart rate sensor, step tracker, pedometer, reminder, training, weather, GPS, sleep tracker and more .

the bingo fit SmartWatch will prove useful in countless scenarios and with time you won’t want to switch this for any other watch .

it is a 1.3 inch HD color screen that’s built from high quality materials, provides a crystal clear interface and the interface can also be customized so you can change the watch face to any picture you like .

the activity tracker for sports is very well designed and will track your vitals and stats according to the sport an update is needed for this app though because the sport choices are limited .

in no time you’ll see yourself comparing the bingo fit SmartWatch with high-end smartwatches and it’ll prove worthy of your hard-earned money .

Ticwatch E

Ticwatch E

Ticwatch E

at number two it’s the Ticwatch E, the Ticwatch E may not be really feature-packed or rapine ear in the market of technology, but considering its price point it’s one of the most excellent smartwatches out there .

it’s subtle and it’ll blend in with any style and it’s mainly aimed at the casual user that doesn’t need more advanced features and technologies .

you wouldn’t think the Ticwatch E is a smart watch if you see it on someone at the first look but you’ll notice it thanks to its always-on display it’s a little on the thick side of things and looks like mainstream casual analog watches and thanks to its polycarbonate body and anti scratch glass, the build quality is excellent .

the watch has an interesting display than its big selling point because of its build quality and performance the screen has a 1.4 inch OLED panel that has incredibly vibrant colors and crisp details thanks to its 400 by 400 resolution that translates into 287 pixels per inch .

with just the display the tick watch II can have a higher price because displays with those specs are apparent only in high-end sparc watches .

to use the device you’ll find the rotating crown around its screen that’s similar to the Apple watch and the results is very good and tactile, aside from the crown there’s also a button on the side that summons the list of apps .

per tick he has an unconventional media tech tool called processor with 512 megabytes of RAM and 4 gigabytes of internal storage for apps and wireless syncing surprisingly the processor works very well and rather quick and smooth .

Fitness features on this Smart Watch are very good for a budget Smart Watch it has a heart rate sensor that’s reasonably accurate built-in GPS and the pre-installed mob boy fitness app that tracks basic vitals and details about your fitness and health .

the features work pretty well with other fitness apps as well so this can act as a part-time fitness watch as well, battery life is really exceptional in this watch as it can last about two days and takes very little time to charge .

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

and at number one it’s the Amaze Fitbit SmartWatch on top of our list is the amaze Fitbit SmartWatch, Fitness watch that’s packed with appropriate features and comes at an amazingly low price it’s not as feature packed as the more expensive smartwatches such as the Apple watch but it is an amazing starting choice if you aren’t sure if the SmartWatch lifestyle is for you or if you’re looking for a budget option .

its design resembles the Apple watch and is pretty attractive for the money it asks and will blend in with pretty much every style it has soft silicon straps that will fit every wrist size without putting a strain or any discomfort .

it weighs just 1.1 ounces and on your wrist it feels like it’s not even there but don’t confuse this with low quality its polycarbonate matte plastic and 2.5 D Corning Gorilla Glass touch screen can take a beating and on top of that the device is ip68 water and dust rating from the elements .

the device is available in black grey green and orange and the strap is a standard 20 millimeters so you can swap it easily for a different one depending on your preference .

there is no auto brightness feature that you can easily control to your liking it gets very bright making it very useful during sunny days .

the Amaze fitbit SmartWatch has a three axis accelerometer, GPS, GLONASS, barometer and compass, and this is a good amount of sensors thanks to its convenient OS it syncs in an instant with any smartphone that you want it’s interface is very easy to use with its simplicity .

you can access your email calls and messages by just swiping on the main face of the interface, however you cannot respond to them swiping down from the main interface activates that do not disturb mode that disables notifications and calls .

the GPS pedometer and the heart rate monitor work pretty well with included my fit app, so you can track your activities keep record of your pace and heart rate and set goals .

the manufacturer has promised a 45 day battery life with regular use which the amazed Fitbit SmartWatch delivers, it’s the definite best for the budget buyer and for the financially conscious buyer because of its value .

if you have any questions related to these products you can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can .

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