Alto’s Odyssey Android Game Review

Alto’s Odyssey Android Game Review

Altos adventure was a massive hit on both Android and iOS and still has a huge audience despite coming out over three years ago, fast-forward to the sequel, though it has been on iOS for a while it has just become available on android, we are and let’s take a look at Altos Odyssey .

Altos Odyssey is a sand boarding game from Team Alto, a 2d side-scroller with some platforming elements, as a game itself it’s simple fun, but what really makes it stand out and what keeps me coming back is a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review

Altos Odyssey uses a constantly changing time and weather system that provides the backdrop of the gameplay, depending on the point of the cycle you’ll either see a bright Sun or clouds and rain .

after sunset the sky will be dominated by the moon and stars and sometimes the area will be hit by a ferocious sandstorm, that turns everything on dark and bloody red .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review1

all of these effects directly change the lighting in the gameplay, it really feels like a living breathing world, but at the same time it’s like you’re inside of a Disney animation .

thanks to team Altos cel-shaded graphics and sandwiched moving layers of scenery, it’s not only the sky that is changing, the game introduces three different types of landscapes, called biomes each with its own art and obstacles .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review2

as you progress further through a run you’ll naturally travel from biome to biome, or you can eventually choose a different one from the home screen .

the audio design is also well done you can hear the chirping birds, the rain, the wind and the Thunder but nothing is too over-the-top and sound effects from the gameplay are pretty minimal .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review3

at center stage is the excellent soundtrack which gives a game a nice relaxing vibe, story-wise there isn’t much to say about Altos Odyssey, basically you get sort of an Indiana Jones or The Mummy sort of vibe .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review4

you see desert sands, traveling hot air balloons, ancient ruins and hidden oasis, but there’s no dialogue or lore to encounter, for the gameplay itself you take on the role of Aalto or another of his ragtag group of boarders and you set out to ride and explore the landscape, landing tricks, jumping chasms and collecting gold coins .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review5

it’s part of the endless runner genre, as long as you don’t screw up the game will continue indefinitely, generating more obstacles and layouts as you go .

the controls are quite simple, you tap the screen to jump and hold down your finger to rotate for a backflip, it’s all about timing your jumps and interacting with the obstacles to chain combos and rack up points .

Odyssey introduces two new moves, the wall ride and wall jump, hold your finger down on your next to a large rock and you will launch up from the ground or drift down it if you’re already airborne .

it’s an interesting new mechanic that opens up a lot of combos, though with only one context-sensitive button it can be tricky, it’s easy to miss time a mid-air wall ride start back flipping instead and end up landing on your head .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review6

though it is casual you can’t just snooze your way through this game, you’re genuinely expected to constantly perform tricks, as after each one you get a speed boost .

otherwise your speed will slow to a crawl you won’t be able to jump across chasms or you could get caught by an angry lemur, as the pressure and speed builds up it can be easy to make a mistake, especially if it’s dark out .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review7

once you die you can either restart the run from the beginning or revive your character in the same spot, the latter requires either spending gold coins are watching an advertisement .

it’s nice that team Alto doesn’t push the ads on you and if you do encounter one they’re usually easy to skip, progression through the game is locked behind golden coins in your player level .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review8

to level up you have to complete three goals which usually involve landing certain tricks or encountering specific obstacles, every ten levels you unlock a new border from altos crew .

each with his or her own unique strikes you can also buy them with cold hard cash, there’s also an in-game shop which offers new equipment and upgrades for your adventures some of the transactions are with gold and others you can buy with real money .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review9

I like this game, but I do have a few small complaints, for one that doesn’t seem to be a reason to build up trick points except for completing a specific goal and there’s no option for receipt new goals mid-run which sort of supports dying on purpose and ending the run to get the next levels assignments .

sometimes the one button controls really make combinations of backflipping and wall writing difficult and the game can get really dark if there’s a sandstorm at night .

Altos Odyssey Android Game Review10

if you’re playing in sunlight outside good luck trying to see anything, but despite the small nitpicks I really do enjoy Altos Odyssey, it’s a beautiful fun and relaxing game, pretty casual and now that it’s available for everyone, I definitely recommend, checking it out it’s free to download from the Google Play Store .

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